Epic ‘Burning Man 2018’ Photos That Show Why It’s Still The Craziest Festival In The World

Burning Man used to be a genuinely radical festival, based on principles of inclusion, self-reliance, decommodification and communal effort. However, it has changed somewhat in the recent years.

An average person has to shell out about $1500 over the course of the festival, but rubbing shoulders with pseudo-bohemian billionaires and spaced out Silicon Valley programmers doesn’t come cheap.

There are still many people who attend in the true spirit of the event, as the installations are pretty amazing and the atmosphere is as intense as ever, of course. We mostly see the same old Instagram ‘influencers’, however, and that’s why an event like Burning Man seems like we’ve seen it all before.

We have compiled a list of awesome pics from this year’s festival that are, to put it that way, different from the ones you see every day, and we invite you to scroll down and check them out!