Family group chats: Can’t live with them, don’t know how to delete them

Anyone who has put some distance between themselves and their family—either for logistic reasons or for their sanity—knows how hard it can be to keep up with Mom, Dad, your siblings, and that one aunt who can’t stop accidentally making double entendres. Alas, enter the group chat: the convenient way to talk to everyone at the same time and pretend you’re still engaged in family dynamics.

Sometimes, or often, what happens in the family group chat is nothing of grand importance. Dad jokes, though, are a necessity.

Anytime you’re dealing with lots of people on the same thread, a chat can get cluttered up pretty quickly. The family chat, in particular, can become easy to ignore. Some prefer to be upfront about their interest in family discussions, however.

In the end, though, isn’t typing a few emoji worth it to keep up with those you love?