For The First Time Ever Coca-Cola Is Preparing To Make Cannabis-Infused Drink

The use of recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in June this year, and the UK could follow this suit within the next five years.
So, it was only a matter of time when a powerful, international company would jump on the bandwagon and get involved with this movement.
It has been reported that the next to get involved in is Coca-Cola, as it is said that the soft drinks behemoth is in ‘serious talks’ in a cannabis-infused beverage.

The Metro reports that the Atlanta-based company, which owns more than 500 brands including Fanta, Sprite, and Costa Coffee, is in advanced discussions with the Canadian company Aurora Cannabis.

In a time when fizzy drinks are becoming increasingly unpopular, the international franchise is looking to delve into the cannabis sector, and it is believed that Coca-Cola is interested in developing refreshments that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana plants.

Drinks that will give drinkers a ‘buzz’ are already a thing, as some companies have teamed up with cannabis producers to, but Coca-Cola and Aurora would allegedly be developing a drink to ‘ease inflammation, pain, and cramping’.
A source that has direct knowledge of this told Bloomberg:

“They’re pretty advanced down the path. It’s going to be more of the ‘recovery drink’ category.”

Kent Landers, a spokesman from Coca-Cola has declined to comment about Aurora.

However, in an email statement to BNN Bloomberg, he added:

“Along with many others in the beverage industry, we are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world. The space is evolving quickly. No decisions have been made at this time.”

Aurora Cannabis is Canada’s third-biggest producer of the substance, and the company has confirmed that they are in talks with Coca-Cola in order to develop cannabis-infused drinks.
Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana, after Uruguay.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister argued that the new law would keep the drug out of the hands of underage users and reduce related crime. He used legalizing recreational use of cannabis as a part of his 2015 election campaign.
After the decision was made, he posted a tweet that read:

“It’s been too easy for our kids to get marijuana – and for criminals to reap the profits. Today, we change that. Our plan to legalize & regulate marijuana just passed the Senate. #PromiseKept.”