Girl Sets 22 Outrageous Rules For Her Boyfriend That Got People Mad As Hell

There are rules in every relationship, and even though they are mostly implied, sometimes they can be spoken. However, one woman decided to write down a list of every demand she had for her boyfriend, and it would have probably remained between the two of them if it wasn’t for a surprising turn of events.

The “contract” was found by Twitter user @kkeyes96 when the guy traded in his car, and he shared it online. Men all over the internet had moments of silence for their brothers when it went viral, and they were grateful they managed to dodge the biggest bullet of their lives. @kkeyes96 eventually had to delete the post, because “too many people who couldn’t read” thought that it was his girlfriend who wrote the list and started to trash talk her.

Check out the list of rules below, and tell us in the comments if you think that some of them sound reasonable.

This is how people reacted when they saw the list: