Grandma Is Totally Confused By An Unwanted Pizza Before The Delivery Guy Hands Her His Cell Phone

As difficult as it can be to sit down and share a meal with loved ones in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, this ritual remains as important than ever. It turns out that it could even save a life.

In one special case, a simple food delivery kept a family united in the wake of disaster. Just when all hope seemed lost, an unexpected knock on the door and a bit of modern technology brought them together against all odds…

Even from far away, Eric Olsen (below, left) of Nebraska was devoted to his grandmother Claire. She lived alone in Florida, and Eric grew concerned when he heard a hurricane was approaching her home.

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His fears were well-founded. Hurricane Matthew slammed the Southeast in October 2016. Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency as the conditions escalated to a Category 5 storm.

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Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc across the state, causing substantial property damage and widespread power outages. In fact, over one million Florida residents were without electricity.

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 Eric wanted to make sure his grandma was safe and attempted to reach her by phone. The call didn’t go through. Neither did the next, or the one after that.


Days passed by as Eric tried in vain to reach her, but phone service was still out. With multiple storm-related fatalities already reported, he began to fear the worst.

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But then Eric had a revelation — while nearly all of Palm Coast shut down, its pizzerias were still up and running, ready to deliver food to stranded Floridians.


Even a vicious hurricane couldn’t stamp out the overwhelming appetite for piping-hot pizza. Maybe one of these restaurants could serve more than food…

Thinking fast, Eric placed an order at a Papa John’s near his grandmother’s home, with a very special request built in. All that was left for him to do was sit by the phone and wait.

Delivery boy Lance Tyler was hard at work during the storm’s aftermath, but the unusual order gave him pause. He carefully re-read the receipt to make sure he understood…

It not only asked Tyler to send a pepperoni pizza to Claire Olsen’s house, but also to dial a specific number on his cell phone once he arrived on her doorstep.

Realizing this was no ordinary pizza request, Tyler made the Olsens his priority and sped off in his car, with his trusty cell phone at his side.

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Tyler reached Claire Olsen’s front door and knocked. No answer. He waited a few more moments, but still nothing. Was anybody even home?

Then the door clicked open. Claire was confused and insisted she hadn’t ordered any food. She even began to worry that the unexpected visit was part of a scam.

But once Tyler handed her his phone and Claire heard her grandson’s voice on the other end, everything made sense. She and Eric shared a moment of relief and gratitude.

Facebook / Eric Olsen

We all know our cell phones can sometimes turn us into a horde of mindless zombies, constantly scrolling and gazing at tiny glowing screens…

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But technology can also bring people together like never before. Both Claire and Eric felt closer than ever at that moment, despite the physical distance between them.

Once a local TV station got a hold of the story, Eric’s pizza plot went viral. People all over the country couldn’t get enough of his slice of genius.

Papa John’s

Eric even received a VIP invitation to the Super Bowl, which recognized him as an official ‘Halftime Hero’ for his dedication and resourcefulness. 

Facebook / Eric Olsen

Tyler became a local hero for the daring delivery as well. He claimed that witnessing Claire’s emotional reaction was a far better reward than even the largest tip.


Perhaps most importantly, Claire said that her pizza was absolutely delicious. There’s no doubt that it tasted even better than normal because her family sent it with love.


Were you as blown away as Claire by this surprise pizza delivery?

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