Grandma’s Open Letter To Modern Dads Has Younger Generations Cheering.

These days, it seems that the older generation is overly critical of the younger ones, but then again, that’s really nothing new.

People have always ranted about “kids these days” being less responsible or tough than people were back in the post-World War II era. There’s no denying that parenting tactics have changed over the past 50-60 years, but that doesn’t necessarily make the new way of doing things wrong. One grandmother on Reddit, mrsbrown3333 recently wrote an open letter to the young dads of the world to let them know that she thinks they’re doing a great job, and now she’s going viral for all the right reasons.

“I just wanted to thank so many young men on reddit who are dads… I am almost 67, and younger generations are the best dads I have witnessed in my life,” Mrs. Brown began.

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I grew up in the 50’s, when men did not participate in their children’s upbringing. Housewives were the norm, then, and the duties usually fell on the mother. I will admit that my father did more than most men at that time, but post WW2 families were mostly nuclear family units, (which are a recent phenomenon), and people were categorically pressured to fit very strict stereotypes of what a father or mother should be.

My gratitude now extends to the current generation of males I see on reddit, who are proud fathers, who have broken the mold by being fathers who change diapers, stay home with their children when needed, play with them, love them and perform all the duties that were once only relegated to the mother. My own son is a dad like that, and his son is thriving.

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Take it from someone who has seen the evolution of men since the 50’s, men who play with their boys and girls equally, and see gender equality as they raise their children. I see young men now as a great and good force for raising a generation of children who will be much loved by both parents, and I commend you all for being the change that makes this world a better place. You have exceeded all the men of past generations by your commendable parenting, your full on mastery at the hard work it takes to be a parent, and your refusal to ascribe gender roles to that work.

Thanks, kids, for being such great parents to your kids. I have only HOPE for your excellent generation.


Mrs. Brown concluded her vote of confidence with, “signed, Grandma.”

What a sweet way to reach out to the young parents of the world and let them know that yes, we see you, and you’re doing a great job! It’s important to remember that when you’re in the trenches of child-rearing, every little bit of encouragement helps. Thank you, kind Reddit Grandma.