Having These Ready-Made Cocktail Mixers On Hand Will Help You Get A Party Started

Do you ever feel a need to fast-track your way to happy hour? If so, it doesn’t get any easier than pre-made cocktail mixers.

Sometimes making a cocktail can just feel like just a tad too much work, especially when certain recipes call for ingredients that you don’t typically have in your liquor cabinet or fridge. Then there’s all the measuring! You know the kind of cocktail recipe I’m talking about, don’t you? The type where you feel like you’ve earned that drink by the amount of effort you’ve put into it?

I’m all for mixing fun and festive drinks, but it can be hard to multitask while blabbing away with a friend who has just walked through your door. With these ready-made cocktail mixers, all you have to do is add your spirit of choice and you’re good to go. These are great options for entertaining, picnicking or travel.

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes Cocktail Mixers, The Cooper ($26.22 for a 12-pack)

Herb and Lous Cocktail CubesAmazon


Craving an old-fashioned? The Cooper offers the perfect blend of tarty blood orange with a hit of ginger. Store the cubes in the freezer at least 24 hours before use. Then peel back the foil and plop it in your drink along with one shot of your spirit of choice: bourbon or rye. Shake or stir until the cube fully dissolves before serving. The cubes are made with real fruit juice and are naturally low in sugar.

These infused cocktail cubes have a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from around 50 reviewers on Amazon.

“This is the best invention ever!” user Luciana said. “I love old fashions but who has time to muddle brown sugar bitters and an orange peel?!? Plus these cubes make a way better old fashioned than I ever do. The only problem is I’m running out or bourbon super fast now!!!”

RSVPs Skinnies Cocktail Mixer Variety Pack ($17.99 for a 24-pack)

RSVP Skinnies cocktail mixersAmazon


This variety pack from RSVP Skinnies provides 24 packets of four flavors, Cranberry Twist, Baja Margarita, Moscow Mule and Mojito Twist. These little packets are low carb and gluten free; just add club soda or water, a splash of tequila or vodka and a slice of lime.

Using plant-based ingredients, such as the sweeteners stevia and erythritol, these mixers don’t contain any artificial ingredients or added sugar. They are compatible with keto lifestyles or for anyone looking to cut back on calories or sugar. They get a 4-star rating from more than 7,400 customers.

You can get these for $15.29 if you set them up as a Subscribe and Save item.

Craftmix Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack ($14.99 for a 12-pack)

Craftmix Cocktail Mai Tai MixerAmazon


Now you can have a Mai Tai, margarita, Moscow mule or Paloma on the go. Created with all-natural ingredients and zero additives, these cocktail mixers are vegan, low carb, low sugar, non-GMO and gluten free. Since all you need to add is booze and water, these dry packets are great to take along while camping, tailgating or traveling by air.

With more than 1,200 global ratings and an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, these refreshing cocktail mixers come highly recommended.

“Was surprised that it came with metal shot glass! Made measuring and mixing so easy,” reviewer Desiree wrote. “Great flavors! I wish they had larger quantity variety pack for purchase now that I know that I like all the flavors. I’m going to try the flavors even without adding alcohol.”

A 12-pack sells for $12.74, but only if you choose the Subscribe and Save option.

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits ($44.97 for a 12-pack)

Lyre's cocktail mixersAmazon


This 12-pack of Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits includes four cans of three different mixed cocktails: Amalfi Spritz, Classico and Gin & Tonic. If you Subscribe and Save, you can bring the price down to $38.22. Prime members can get an additional 40% off with a Prime Month coupon good only on the subscription price.

Concocted of juniper and citrus notes, the G&T delivers a classic blend with a dry finish while the Classico cuts the tartness of green apple notes with sweet pear, peach and red apple flavors. The Amalfi is made from bittersweet oranges and peaches mixed with rhubarb and elderflower. You can drink these straight out of the can or pour them into cocktail glasses.

The company claims these are “the most-awarded non-alcoholic cocktail mixers in the world.” They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from more than 220 customers.

User Matt called this variety pack “surprisingly good” and said he liked all three flavors, while SSW2011 said, “I have been cutting back but still want to have the feel of a drink and these did it for me!”

Reviewer GSP posted, “The Classico is like drinking a dry champagne that has a slight apple edge. Both the G&T and the Amalfi Spritz completely fooled my friends who I served to get their opinion.”

While these are marketed as alcohol-free cocktails, we don’t see why you couldn’t add a splash of gin to the G&T if you wanted to. (We don’t judge.) Or use them in-between alcoholic beverages so you can feel like you’re still drinking without adding more booze into your system.

In fact, if you’re not a fan of alcohol or simply taking a break, all the ready-made mixers mentioned above can be served sans booze for a refreshing drink without the guilt or hangovers!

Create the perfect evening with a drink that’s easy to put together. Just get one of these, add alcohol — or not —  and drink up. Cheers!