Home Doctor Reviews – Is The Home Doctor Practical Medicine For Every Household Legit?

The “Home Doctor book” is a practical medicine for every household. It is a book specifically designed for isolated clients and contains all the information required to diagnose and treat common diseases at home. The Home Doctor also includes a list of common medicines and their uses you should purchase to save your family.

What if you are in a situation where you cannot call a doctor or run to a hospital? Or how about your mom having a medical emergency, and you are stuck in a hurricane with no phone signals and clear roads?

Finding yourself in such situations is alarming and hazardous for your health. However, the Home Doctor can help in such situations. It is a book that can offer multiple services in the absence of an ambulance, running water, medical supplies, electricity, and other essential things.

How Is “Home Doctor” a Practical Medicine for Every Household?

When Venezuela’s economy collapsed, the people faced many health issues. The damaged medical system also made it impossible to access medical care. People faced severe medical issues and no good hospitals.

Dr. Maybell Nieves stepped in and, with the help of Dr. Rodrigo Alterio and Claude Davis, wrote a comprehensive book on medical health.

The “Home Doctor book” is a practical medicine for every household. It is a book specifically designed for isolated clients and contains all the information required to diagnose and treat common diseases at home. The Home Doctor also includes a list of common medicines and their uses you should purchase to save your family.


  • Tells you about one essential medical item you must have in your house
  • Recognize and start the treatment of a heart attack
  • Treat second-degree burns
  • Teaches how to conduct a breast exam
  • Salt and oil for toothache
  • How to sleep like a baby
  • Plants for a natural way of growing painkillers
  • Which medicines can you keep even after the expiry date
  • Helps in recognizing a stroke
  • Remove ingrown nails at home
  • Deal injuries caused by a social unrest
  • Outlines natural healing secrets privy to Native Americans
  • Lists signs and treatment for abdominal discomfort
  • Treat flu and respiratory issues at home
  • Know about symptoms of internal inflammation
  • Teaches how to treat injuries caused by different factors
  • Egg shells to calcium pills
  • Importance of Listerine in medical treatments
  • Available in digital and physical form
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Very few reviews

Major Benefits of Buying “Home Doctor”

Home Doctor is a 300-page book that contains some practical medical techniques for use in the absence of a hospital or a medical practitioner.

Medical Supplies You Must Have

Although the “Home Doctor” focuses on using natural remedies for medical care, it recommends a list of supplies you must have. One of the essential items on the list is a pain killer. The professional experts suggest that you should have naproxen in your supplier box instead of other natural painkiller medications.

Right Probiotics

In recent years, probiotics have become increasingly popular in improving gut health. Probiotics are live bacteria similar to those found naturally in the human gut. Research suggests that probiotics can help with digestive disorders’ symptoms, boost immunity, and even help in acute diarrhea.

However, choosing the best among different products can be daunting. Moreover, a wrong probiotic can also result in unhealthy weight gain in patients.

That is where the Home Doctor comes in. Experts with experience in the field of probiotics write this book. As a result, it provides reliable information that you can trust. The book tells you just one probiotic that you need in your supply box.

Expert Advice

This book not only outlines practical medicines for different illnesses, but readers can also rest assured that the solutions provided are by experts. It is recommended for those in conflict zones without access to pharmacies or medical personnel.

How to Handle Blackout

When Venezuela’s economy collapsed, everyday necessities like electricity became rare. In such situations, people do not know how to store medications that require cool temperatures. Thus, the “Home Doctor” addresses some of the common mistakes people make in a blackout and ways you can avoid them.

How to Handle a Heart Attack

One of the common mistakes people make regarding heart attacks is wrong identification. The book helps in this matter and informs the readers about four common symptoms of a heart attack.

Moreover, you will also learn about the medicines that help your blood flow stay under control until professional help arrives. You must have these essential medicines at your house.

Expired Medicines

Due to the crisis in Venezuela, the doctors had plenty of expired medical supplies. It helped the experts to see which antibiotics can still work even after expiry dates.

It is a revolutionary finding that helps you know which over-the-counter medicine is useful and which is not.

Possible Reasons Behind Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing discomfort in your abdomen, it is vital to determine the source. The Home Doctor can help you do this by providing a diagram of the nine sections of the abdomen and indicating which areas are affected. Palpate each section of the abdomen and see if a specific area is more sensitive than the others. Once you’ve identified the source of discomfort, you can take steps to alleviate it.

Antibiotics You Should Have at Home

Modern-day science has evolved so much that antibiotics do wonders in treating skin conditions or even life-threatening situations. For a house with one or more sick people, such medicines are as important as house supplies.

However, it is impossible to keep all medication for injuries caused by multiple factors or reasons. Thus, this book comes in handy when it tells you about four antibiotics that can solve multiple health issues.

Drug Storage Lessons

With the Home Doctor, you will also learn legal ways to help you store insulin or other medications.

Herbal Plant Suggestions

Furthermore, the Home Doctor informs readers about a natural painkiller plant that grows in North America. Some Venezuelans use this natural medicine to treat pain. It also suggests some beneficial wild berries.

Practical Medicine Solutions to Almost Every Skin Issue and Injury

The Home Doctor is an excellent reference guide that can help you treat almost every skin injury and condition.

The book provides detailed instructions on how to treat various skin issues. These include insect bites, cuts, open wounds, and scrapes. It also has a section on first aid, which can be extremely helpful in emergencies.

1-Minute Stretching Routine

In this book, the Home Doctor, experts provide readers with a simple stretching routine that can help with back and neck cramps or discomfort. The routine, which takes less than a minute to complete, consists of four easy-to-follow steps.

Breast Exams

With the alarming increase of breast cancer in women, no one can ignore the importance of a regular breast exam. However, many cannot conduct a complete exam themselves. Thus, massive awareness and a demonstration of the examination procedure worldwide are needed. This book helps in that aspect. Readers can perform a complete routine of checking the breast area. A thorough exam will help detect problems at the early stages.

Arrhythmia Is Benign or Dangerous

According to the Home Doctor, monitoring your heart rate is the best way to tell if an arrhythmia is benign or dangerous. Also, you may have a dangerous arrhythmia if you have a fast heart rate.

In addition, if you experience chest pain or shortness of breath, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Arrhythmias can be debilitating and even life-threatening, so it is important to seek medical help if you are experiencing any symptoms.


There are still many places where a necessity like proper medical health is rare. So, people living in such areas have to survive on what little they have and can manage. Home Doctor offers a workable solution to people in such areas where they can save lives with natural and basic medical remedies. You will find multiple applicable methods in this book that even many other doctors also approve of.

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