An Adorable New Pokémon Is Coming To Build-A-Bear Workshop

Your kids will love this!

Flickr | socialwoodlands

Do you have a Pokémon Trainer in your family? If so, here is some big news: Build-A-Bear has just unveiled a new Pokémon plush.

Alolan Vulpix is the latest addition to the Build-A-Bear Pokémon family, and the first Ice-type Pokémon to come to Build-A-Bear. What’s this Pokémon’s story? “Known for its snowy white fur, this Pokémon lives on high mountains that remain covered in snow year-round,” according to the company. Sounds like the perfect new Pokémon plushie for winter.

It does look like it’s chilly where this Pokémon lives:

The Build-A-Bear Alolan Vulpix comes with two clothing options, including a cuddle-worthy blue-and-white onesie or a glam ice cape to ward off the wind. The clothing is $12.50 per item, but for $60, you can purchase the Alolan Vulpix plush and both outfits, and with this purchase, you will also receive a Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pokémon TCG Card.

You can buy the Build-A-Bear Alolan Vulpix bundle on their website, or you can go to the store in-person and buy these pieces separately. But the cost-saving bundle is only available online.


If you want to add to your Pokémon family, Build-A-Bear has many other options, including Charmander, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Eevee and, of course, Pikachu. As with Alolan Vulpix, if you want to save on the accessories, online bundles from the Build-A-Bear website might be your best option. (You also won’t have to worry about your kid’s favorite character or desired outfit being sold out without warning if you shop online.)


Now, we know what you are thinking: Most of the fun of Build-A-Bear is the fun of going to the store and seeing the plushie come to life right in front of you! No worries. When shopping online, you can choose to buy your stuffed creature unstuffed, which means that you and your children can take the character to the store and see it stuffed in person.

And, to celebrate the fall the season, Build-A-Bear also has many funny Halloween options, including a Pumpkin Glow Bear, a Vampire Teddy and a Magic Kitty Witch. With this glowing guy by your side, your little ones won’t have any fears about monsters under the bed.


Will you be adding to your child’s Build-A-Bear collection this fall?