J.K. Rowling Photobombed Scottish Couple’s Wedding During Their Wedding Shoot

The wedding day of a Scottish couple was made even more memorable when their wedding was photobombed by non-other than J.K. Rowling herself!
Matt Fothergill was photographing the wedding ceremony of Nick and John at Edinburgh’s Prestonfield House when he noticed that the pair got a surprise visit from Rowling.

She happened to be attending another event at the venue that day, and the couple noticed her when she was going to her car. Fothergill says that he “self-nominated” himself to go and ask her for a photo with the couple.

“She said yes, of course, and then when she saw the guys, she was so cool. he just strode right up to them with the biggest smile and gave them both a big squeeze and wished them every health and happiness.” – he says.

He adds that the Harry Potter’s author appearance more than made up for the rainy, overcast weather on the day.

Fothergill has been photographing weddings since 2012 with his company, and the photos of Nick and John’s wedding have put his company on the international map. The photos have appeared on many media outlets, such as The Scotsman, Out magazine, and Pink News.

“I’d loved to have said we were super cool about the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure she heard us squealing with delight. She was so, so cool [and] really sweet and it’s something myself and my clients are gonna treasure for our whole lives.” – he added.