Jennifer Aniston Trying To Destroy Justin Theroux’s Career?

A tabloid report claiming Jennifer Aniston wants to get “revenge” on Justin Theroux by destroying his career is completely untrue. can debunk the ridiculous premise. The actress has no malice towards her estranged husband.

According to In Touch, however, Aniston wants to use her sway in Hollywood to have Theroux kicked off the “A-list.” An alleged insider tells the magazine, “She’s fed up with him dating every model and actress in sight and acting like they were never married.” From the start, this premise is flawed. Theroux is friendly with a number of models and actresses, but there’s no indication that he’s been romantically involved with any of them, let alone every one “in sight.”

Still, the outlet’s questionable source continues, “She plans to use her influence to have him marginalized in the TV and film business.” The alleged tipster further claims that Aniston hopes her estranged husband “stays relegated to semi-regular parts on cable series and quirky character roles in small films.” The supposed source concludes, “She wants him on the C-list.”

The tabloid’s report is based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly imaginary “insider,” but Aniston’s own rep says on the record that it’s nonsense. Meanwhile, People reported earlier this month that Aniston “doesn’t even talk about [Theroux] anymore.” The reputable celebrity news outlet added, “She doesn’t keep up with what he does. She is focusing on her own life.”

Aniston has a very busy career of her own. The actress just wrapped filming the Netflix movie Murder Mystery alongside Adam Sandler, and is attached to star in two additional Netflix films. She’s next gearing up to shoot an Apple series with Reese Witherspoon. Aniston isn’t using her downtime to hurt Theroux’s status in show business.

As for Theroux, his career is just fine. The actor was recently hired to star as the voice of the Tramp in Disney’s live-action/CGI remake of Lady and the Tramp. Additionally, Theroux is set to star alongside Olivia Munn in the drama Violet. Munn is very friendly with Aniston, so it’s clear the actress hasn’t forbid her pals from working with her estranged husband.

Here’s another interesting tidbit: Violet is being directed by Justine Bateman, the sister of Jason Bateman, who’s one of Aniston’s closest friends. Not only is Theroux’s career going well, but he’s collaborating with people in Aniston’s circle. If the actress were truly on a vengeful mission to take down her estranged husband, it’s unlikely that he’d be working with people close to her. Regardless, Aniston’s spokesperson confirms that the tabloid’s article is fabricated.