Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are super private, but here’s his first statement

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift have been together for two years, and this is his first public statement on the topic

The couple are notoriously insane

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are notoriously private, but the actor has opened up a little bit about his 2 year strong relationship.

Joe Alwyn has spoken out about his relationship with Taylor Swift. (Image source: Instagram/Joe Alwyn)

Alwyn and Swift met each other at the Met Gala 2016, where Swift hit it off with Tom Hiddleston. After they broke up, Swift and Alwyn got together but went to great lengths to keep it secret. Swift visited Alwyn in England as well, but while wearing disguises such as scarves, sunglasses and wigs.

In June of 2017, Swift and Alwyn were seen having coffee in her Nashville home. With the release of Swift’s new album, Reputation, fans got to know more details about Swift and Alwyn, but the couple did not make any public statements.

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are notoriously private. (Image source: Instagram/Taylor Swift)

While talking to British Vogue, Alwyn revealed that him and Swift stick to the rule of not saying anything about their personal life. He said, “I’m aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people… but I really prefer to talk about work.”

Alwyn said he prefers to talk about work commitments only. (Image source: Instagram/Joe Alwyn)

Even though Alwyn did not say much, his statement is one of the first media acknowledgements of their relationship.In 2017, an insider told E!, “If she was seen in England, she made sure everyone thought it was a work trip. Taylor and Joe have really tried to be on lockdown and have spent most of their time together in private locations where they could get to know each other without the pressure of a public relationship and people making judgement calls.”

Swift is also super cautious when visiting Alwyn. (Image source: Instagram/Taylor Swift)

Alwyn is currently starring in The Favorite.