Katie Holmes NOT Sending “Cheating” Jamie Foxx To A Shrink, Despite Report

Katie Holmes is not sending Jamie Foxx to a psychiatrist to heal him of his alleged “cheating” ways, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this story, which maintains the actress wants him to see a shrink before they marry and have kids. We’re told the article’s claims are 100 percent “untrue.”

According to the National Enquirer, Holmes wants her “Hollywood horndog” boyfriend to get his “head examined.” The supermarket tabloid quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Katie is determined to fix Jamie’s straying ways by getting a psychiatrist to figure out why he needs to be a serial cheater.” The magazine’s unnamed “source” contends, “Katie wants to get married again and have another child before it’s too late.” “She’s not going to do that until she knows she can count on Jamie to quit his cheating ways,” adds the supposed snitch.

The publication further asserts that Holmes is “counting on Jamie getting psychiatric support to get to the root of his problems, and keep him on the straight and narrow.” The actress is “determined not to be made a fool of by Jamie anymore,” alleges the “tipster.” “She wants to know for sure that Jamie will be there for her, and having a doctor document and try to address his issues is step one,” concludes the unidentifiable and possibly fictitious “insider.”

Of course, while the tabloid runs one sentence and quote after another about Foxx “straying” and being a “horndog” and “serial cheater,” it actually doesn’t furnish one example of him being unfaithful to Holmes. Not one woman shared any stories about being with Foxx behind Holmes’s back. It bears mentioning how the magazine incentivizes people to come forward with tales in exchange for cash. In fact, over a photo of Holmes in that article, the tabloid advertises, “Big $$$$ for celebrity stories,” and shares a toll-free 800 number and email address.

But Foxx doesn’t cheat on Holmes, which is why the publication’s premise doesn’t hold up. Additionally, Holmes and Foxx have no desire to get married and have more kids together. If Holmes were truly concerned about being “made a fool of” by Foxx, she wouldn’t hang out with him anymore. Just this past Monday, however, the two were spotted working out together in a gym in Atlanta, where Foxx is currently shooting the movie Just Mercy.

Despite its flimsy report, still checked in with Holmes’s rep who, speaking on the actress’s behalf, exclusively tells us the tabloid’s article is “untrue.” Holmes is not trying to get Foxx to see a shrink, because she doesn’t have trust issues with him. The Enquirer simply doesn’t have great Foxx and Holmes sources.

Nearly three years ago to the date, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely reporting Holmes and Foxx were in a “trial marriage” and ready to have a baby. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Nor did Foxx adopt Holmes’s daughter Suri, as the tabloid claimed more than a year ago. The only ones “cheated” on are the readers of the magazine who shelled out $5.99 to be fed a phony story.