Fisherman Kneels Face-First In Current To Help Women Escape Dangerous Floodwaters.

Have you ever wondered how you’d act in the event of a natural disaster? Would you quickly run to a safe place or would you brave the elements to ensure everyone’s safety, not just your own?

For the people of Kerala, India, this is no longer a hypothetical question as torrential rainfall has caused severe flooding, displacing as many as 800,000 residents.

For 32-year-old Jaisal KP, a volunteer with the Malappuram Trauma Care Unit, there wasn’t even a question of what to do. He sprung right into action. After the flooding reached Muthalamadu, he participated in the rescue mission to get residents to safety.

Jaisal has been volunteering for the Natural Disaster Recover Force (NDRF) since 2002, and is staying nearby Muthalamadu with his wife and three children.

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On Friday, August 17, 2018, Jaisal and other members of the NDRF were helping residents into boats when someone got a video of him as he crouched down on the ground, with his face only inches away from the dirty flood waters, and allowed residents to step on his back as they got into the boats. Talk about ensuring safety!

The video of this selfless act has since gone viral and is becoming one of the main images associated with the catastrophic flooding.


According to Jaisal, who is a Fisherman when he’s not being a hero, he “can’t put his phone away” since the video has gone viral. He is humble about his newfound celebrity, though, telling the Times of India that he believes “the relief activities are “his” responsibility to a society which is suffering a lot.”

While his humility is admirable, we agree with those on social media who say his willingness to literally let people walk on his back is “humanity at its finest.”

Check out the video of Jaisal below, and don’t forget to share!