Kim Kardashian Mom-Shamed Over Pic Of Her 2-Year-Old Son Using Pacifier!

Kim Kardashian did not stand for the mom-shaming! After social media users slammed the KUWK star for still letting her 2-year-old son, Saint use a pacifier, she fired back quickly.

It all began when Kim shared a throwback pic featuring Saint and Chicago, 9 months.

Kim Kardashian Mom-Shamed Over Pic Of Her 2-Year-Old Son Using Pacifier!

Soon enough, she started getting bashed for what looked like a pacifier in her son’s mouth, but the mother of three set the record straight.

The criticism was mostly about the fact that if he kept sucking on the pacifier at his age, Saint’s teeth would get ruined.

Seeing the number of hateful comments, Kim decided to edit the post’s caption, writing: ‘He’s eating candy.’ Oops, everyone had it all wrong!

But that didn’t make the mom-shaming any better as people were quick to criticize Kim for giving the boy sweets!

She honestly can never win! This is not even the first time she gets mom-shamed this week as haters also attacked her for letting her oldest, daughter North, 5, wear makeup.

The mother posted a pic that featured her and the little girl and it was noticeable that she was wearing pink eyeshadow and maybe even some foundation.

‘STOP the makeup thing with North. She’s five, man,’ someone commented, and many others agreed.

It seems like social media is letting so much into celebs’ lives that followers have started to think they actually have a say in what happens with the stars, which is not the case.

That being said, maybe people should slow down with the criticism and realize Kim is the mother and it’s her decision if she wants her kids to eat candy or wear makeup. That’s just how things are, and moms definitely don’t enjoy people telling them how to raise their own kids!