Adorable Video Shows Dad Flying His Little Spider Man From Wall To Wall.

Christoph Koch’s son has his Halloween costume all ready to go, but he needs some practice before hitting the streets. And since some adults get into the Halloween spirit even more than their kids, Dad’s more than happy to oblige.

You don’t usually see “spider” and “cute” in the same sentence, but footage from their adorable test run has gone viral because it’s seriously the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

father son spider man

The kiddo starts out with his feet firmly planted on the floor, then extends his arms in our superhero’s iconic stance. Seconds later, Dad swoops him up into the air, flies him across the room and sticks him on the wall like a human Halloween ornament.

spider man stuck to wall

He dangles there for a second or two, then starts plucking his way up the wall, Dad making little ticking sounds as he skitters up the door frame. This kiddo has complete and utter faith in his dad and his upper-body strength, and that makes him just as fearless as the real Spider Man!

Suddenly, Christoph lowers him several inches, then with a “Whoosh,” flies him across the room and plants him on a nearby pillar.

You can’t help bursting out laughing when the kid turns and poses dramatically to the camera:


The “spidey looks” could be a great finale on their own, but this duo is far from done.

Spider-Man has to make sure all is safe and secure on the other side of the wall, then thinks he sees something over there, near the staircase, so off he goes:


Seriously, doesn’t this make you want to be a kid again? Adults could probably still pull it off with some kind of pulley system, but even then, we wouldn’t blithely fly across the room with the same innocence and trust as this kid has in dear ol’ Dad!

Watch this bitty Spider Man show his stuff in the clip below, and share to warm some hearts!