#Kylie Jenner And #Travis Scott Walk #Grammys 2019 Red Carpet — Some Don’t Like Her Outfit

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been unbelievably busy. In fact, the events the super couple have participated in for just one week alone is enough to spin heads. Travis Scott performed at the Super Bowl, the couple of one-year-old Stormi threw an elaborate birthday party, the couple attended pre-Grammy events, then managed to walk the Grammys red carpet as Travis is nominated and a performer. With so much going on, will Kylie Jenner really care if people like her Grammys outfit or not? Because most people are throwing shade at the baby Karjenner’s fashion choice.

On another note, if people were concerned that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are on the verge of splitting up, they haven’t been paying attention. This pair is full-on PDA and it is clear to see these two are devoted to their little girl. It’s also evident that Travis Scott is a father who loves to spend time with Stormi as well as Kylie.

Forget break up rumors and be on the lookout for a secret engagement. If Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret as long as she did, one can only imagine how long they could keep an engagement or even a wedding on the down-low.

Check out some photos of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott as they walked the red carpet hand in hand and with plenty of affection on display below.

While not everyone appreciated Kylie’s pale pink Balmain pantsuit that came with gloves built into the top, it evoked a strong eighties feel.

The outfit featured pleated pants that were embellished with a sequined cummerbund. The sleeves were wideset and crisscrossed. Kylie wore her hair up and paired the ensemble with a pair to white, pointed-toe boots.

While social media had mixed reactions regarding Kylie’s outfit, response to Kylie and Travis’ affection and closeness was united.

With heavy speculation that Kylie and Travis are engaged, there’s no doubt that the pair is at a high point in their lives. Travis Scott is nominated for three Grammys and it seems winning with Kylie by his side might be the perfect way to top off the recent events that have kept the couple in the public eye.

What do you think of Kylie’s Grammys outfit? Do you approve?