Kylie Jenner reposts Instagram photo after editing fail

Kylie Jenner is many things: billionaire, cosmetics mogul, Instagram thirst trap extraordinaire. But even the masters make mistakes sometimes.

Yesterday, Jenner posted a picture on Instagram that showed her lounging poolside in a bikini, living her best life, enjoying a level of opulence that most people cannot fathom, et cetera. But fans quickly spotted something unusual: One edge of the pool was bizarrely warped, betraying some digital manipulation on Jenner’s part.

Fans were equal parts amused and confused by Jenner’s editing fail.

“I’m trying to work out what she was even editing,” one commenter wrote.

It didn’t take Jenner long to address the error after people started commenting. But rather than scrap the whole photo based on one glaring error, she simply cropped out the questionable portion and re-uploaded it alongside several other poolside shots.

Jenner recently received criticism for ignoring social distancing measures after she posted TikTok and Instagram videos with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou on Monday.


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