Lamar Odom shuts down rumors that he was kidnapped and held hostage

Lamar Odom shuts down rumors that he was recently kidnapped and held at ransom for non-payment of debt

Recently, news broke that Lamar and his girlfriend were held at gunpoint after they lost borrowed money in gambling

Lamar Odom and his team shut down speculation that he was kidnapped and held hostage over a gambling debt while his girlfriend was terrorized at gunpoint.

Lamar Odom shut down rumors that he was kidnapped. (Image source: Instagram/Lamar Odom)

According to earlier reports leaked to Radar, Lamar visited Portland, Oregon, to visit then-girlfriend Savanna Waldrop and her family. Odom borrowed $10,000 from some locals in the area to gamble. The basketball player gambled away the money and was not able to pay it back.

He along with Waldrop and her daughter were harassed by the people that loaned them the money.

Reports said that Odom was picked up by bookies. (Image source: Instagram/Lamar Odom)

According to the story, the bookies then followed Odom to his hotel room, terrorized Waldrop and her daughter and kidnapped the basketball player. They apparently took him to a nightclub, and was only released after Waldrop paid $1500, the star’s camp paid $2800. Odom pawned his gold necklace for an additional $1000.

The former NBA’s star manager, Zoul El Fassi, has now shut down this story completely. He told E!, “The kidnapping is false, it’s a lie, it’s made up. He does know her. He’s not going to deny that but she was just a girl he used to party with.”

His publicist, Eve Sarkisyan-Nunn, also said, “We are aware of the false story circulating around regarding Lamar. We are not denying that Lamar does know this woman, however she was merely an acquaintance.”

His manager also denied the rumors. (Image source: Instagram/Lamar Odom)

Odom himself spoke out in his own defense, saying, “I also got lost in a rabbit hole together with my kidnapers(sic), rapunzel and the 7 dwarfs saved me ! We all lived happily ever after. Can you please add this to the story ?”

He added, “Don’t leave out the juicy facts… this bulls**t makes me wanna start my own gossip online platform and report stories only about me. What y’all think?”

Image source: Twitter/Lamar Odom

Odom has been training over the last few months, in preparation for his upcoming return to basketball.