YouTube star offers tearful apology for racist tweet

From NFL quarterbacks to Bachelorette contestants, uncovered racist tweets on celebrity accounts are unfortunately commonplace.

All of the stories follow the same pattern: A person becomes famous or gains notoriety for one thing, and the internet uncovers horrific tweets from years ago. This revelation is usually followed by a tearful apology from the star posted to Instagram, YouTube, and every other social platform.

Today’s tearful apology comes from YouTube star Laura Lee. Lee is a model and influencer with a massive audience. Over 4.8 million subscribers check out her YouTube channel with 2.4 million fans tuning in her for makeup and beauty tips on Instagram.

Racist tweets from the social influencer from 2012 resurfaced after the release of a documentary from Shane Dawson about another YouTube and makeup tip star, Jeffree Star. Cosmo summed it all up in this article about Lee, Star, and the backlash against several YouTube celebs. The documentary brought about some social media back and forth that pointed users to Lee’s old tweets.

Twitter detectives got to work and uncovered a tweet by Lee where she offered free advice to African-Americans on how to handle the police.

Twitter users blasted Lee for the comment.

She posted a reaction on Twitter that promised a video explanation.

In the video, titled “My Apology,” Lee tearfully asked for forgiveness from fans and admitted she couldn’t stand to look at herself in the mirror.

As of Monday afternoon, Lee remains quiet on Twitter.

H/T Cosmo