Laura Prepon’s new YouTube cooking channel shows you the perfect way to hard boil an egg

Do you need to know how to perfectly cook a hard-boiled egg? Are you thirsty for a how-to video on producing your own almond milk? Do you wonder whether you should sprinkle vinegar into your egg salad?

If so, actress Laura Prepon has you covered in her new YouTube channel, where she shows viewers her cooking secrets and some of the recipes she uses the most.

Prepon—who shot to fame in That ‘70s Show and Orange Is the New Black—quietly started vlogging about a month ago, and she’s created a total of four videos that have accumulated more than 124,000 views as of this writing. With nearly 30,000 subscribers, she hasn’t quite made the celebrity splash on the platform that actors like Will Smith and Kevin Hart have in the past year.

But really, how fast can you expect your subscriber base to grow while you explain your preference for Himalayan salt?

So far, there are no frills on this channel. It’s just a perfectly pleasant Prepon standing in a kitchen and running through the basics.

The genesis of the channel, Prepon said, came from the release of her first book. Fans asked for new tips, recipes, and hacks in the kitchen, so she decided to show instead of telling them.

“I’ve never done this before,” Prepon says in her introductory video. “So, we’re going to do this together.”

Prepon, whose book is called The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health, encourages viewers to know exactly where their food is coming from. She also talks about her heritage, and it appears that she’s going to draw quite a bit from her mother’s recipe box (even though she’s using more convenient contraptions to cook than her mother would allow).

Also, beware Prepon’s “nut bag” joke in the second video below.

For now, it appears that Prepon’s channel won’t involve her jumping off bridges like Smith or interviewing athletes in cold tubs for laughs like Hart, but watching her methodically cook is a satisfying experience anyway. She has an enthusiastic demeanor while filling up pots of lukewarm water and slicing fresh tomatoes, and she likes to exclaim how tasty her creations are with a mouthful of food.

And hey, couldn’t we all use a refresher on the best way to hard boil our eggs?