The Largest Log Cabin In America Is Dirt Cheap Yet Buyers Are Suspiciously Keeping Their Distance

Log cabins are just plain cozier than other homes. They are designed to offer a rustic feel that keeps you connected to the natural world without leaving you unprotected from the elements.  You really can’t beat it!

That’s why it’s so strange no one has shown any interest in one beautiful, massive log cabin in Michigan. Sure, it may cost an arm and a leg, but for those who can afford it, it’s the perfect home. After seeing what’s inside, you might start saving up to purchase this one for yourself.

 Situated on the shores of Lake Superior, the Granot Loma log cabin in Marquette, Michigan, was initially on the market for $40 million, but then the owner slashed the price in half!

Now, for $20 million, you can be the proud owner of this amazing getaway home! The name, Granot Loma, is even printed on the tiled roof so everyone knows they’re entering a prominent home…

The house was built in 1923 by a man named Louis G. Kaufman. The financier designed, named, and constructed it himself. Kaufman also had a hand in the founding of General Motors, where he worked for 20 years.

In April 1991, the Granot Loma was placed on the National Register of Historical Places. So you wouldn’t only be purchasing a lovely home, but you’d be investing in an important part of history, as well!

The home is an incredible 26,000 square feet! There’s even a room with a 60-foot long area full of taxidermied animals. You might want to skip out on inviting any friends from PETA.

The home is ripe with all kinds of unique items on display. Take, for example, this teepee. How many people do you know with a teepee in their home? Probably none.

Portraits of various Native American tribal leaders adorn the walls of the living room. As you can probably tell, this house isn’t just big, it’s totally unique. 

 Including Native American art was a critical part of the initial design process. Totem poles like the ones below serve as a serious source of inspiration for the decor. 

People walking into this bathroom are sure in for a startling surprise, especially at night! The walls were created using hundreds of stones, so it feels like you’re bathing in the middle of the mountains.

The kitchen has plenty of counter space and two chef-grade pizza ovens. You don’t often find the means to cook restaurant-style pizza in a home, but here at the Granot Loma, any cuisine is possible!

All of the bedrooms, 23 to be exact, are super cozy and decorative. Even though there is technically only one master bedroom, it’d be hard to resist the urge to sleep all over the house!

Most of the time, guests bedrooms are nowhere near as big or fancy as the master bedroom, but in this house, every friend and family member will feel like they’re staying at a five-star hotel.

Anyone craving a cold cocktail or beer on a hot day can head straight to this bar area. Simply post up on one of the leather-bound bar seats and enjoy! But, not before you play your favorite tune on the jukebox, of course.

Then, after kicking back a few drinks and sharing some laughs, you can head to the other end of the room and play a game or two of billiards. Just don’t cheat, the animals are watching…

Here’s the main dining room, and it looks like something straight out of the medieval times, right? Up to 16 people can enjoy their dinner right beneath this very ornate horned chandelier.

This smaller dining room is perfect for breakfast and lunch if you’re not entertaining a large group. While this room may not look as fancy as the rest, you can’t beat that view of Lake Superior.

What happens if your guests want more privacy than the main home offers? Not a problem! This is a guesthouse located on the property, equipped with four totally luxurious apartments.

The house also has a massive hot tub that holds 3,000 gallons of water! On a cold winter day, you can fit all your friends in it at once.

Not only is the Granot Loma situated on Lake Superior, but it also has it’s own marina so you can dock a boat or jet ski. It also doubles as your own private freshwater pool!

The rustic mansion truly is one of a kind, and this aerial view makes it look even more amazing. Although it’s out of most people’s price range, you and your friends could start pooling your money together and make the best real estate investment of your life!

This log cabin can be all yours – if you can find the cash. It might be expensive, but as you can see, you get your money’s worth!

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