Australia Wants To Pay People To Live On A Perfect Island For 2 Years But There’s A Catch

Everybody wants to get away from it all, no matter how much they love the bustle of their daily lives! But it isn’t easy to actually to escape from the world, especially not if you’re on a fixed income. Who has the money for a true escape, right?

If you’re feeling this way, you might be in luck: the Tasmanian Parks And Wildlife Service, the conservation, and the protection agency for Tasmania, Australia, wants to give a lucky couple an idyllic island home all to themselves. Even better? They want to pay you! There’s just a few conditions…

Replete with unbelievable views and diverse wildlife, Maatsuyker Island is heaven on Earth. So when the Tasmanian Parks And Wildlife Service (TPWS) posted on Facebook that they wanted to pay a couple to stay there, they naturally received an overwhelming response.

Located southwest of Tasmania, the tiny island truly feels like it’s on the edge of the world. People who are looking to escape to a remote place full of beauty and energy need to look no further.

TPWS hopes that, along with pay and boarding, the offer is enough to entice two intrepid folks to stay there for the next two years. It might sound like a long time, but if you’re into this type of outdoor adventure, time passes quickly.

The island is chock full of lush vegetation and scenic views of the surrounding ocean. Taking a walk at any time of day gives the temporary residents breathtaking views of the world around them.

The lighthouse on the island is the southernmost lighthouse in Australia. It looms over one of the cliff edges, making it the prominent landmark of the island, and a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

 Now here’s where it gets tricky…those who stay there will be expected to maintain the buildings, equipment, and grounds of this important meteorological outpost. It’s vital that all of the buildings stay as clean and intact as possible.

Furthermore, there’s a garden, but most of the meals and food for the caretakers have to be self-provided. Also, there’s no TV or internet! That’s right, the world of modern technology is left behind if you so choose to take on this experience.

The folks who do decide to stay can pack 325 kilograms (716 pounds) of supplies each for the ride out to the island. And the best part? They get to travel to and from the island by helicopter!

 They’ll need to provide their own clothes and entertainment, as well. It takes careful planning to decide what to pack. People need to bring what they absolutely need as opposed to luxury items.

Once on the island, there are plenty of books and manuals directing residents on how to go about maintaining all of the equipment, ensuring the upkeep of the lodging remains impeccable. Slackers need not apply!

For certain tasks, residents will need to learn how to run some of the island’s machinery. Some may seem daunting, like the apparatus below, but once they become familiar with the inner workings, it’s a walk in the park… or, on an island!

Just look at the view of the lighthouse from a distance… it’s incredible! Knowing you are responsible for keeping such an epic landmark in tip-top shape is something very few people will ever be able to say for themselves.

The 19th-century lighthouse is about as dreamy as it gets. Who couldn’t get used to this incredible view every single day? This is one adventure that might not be for the faint of heart, but for one lucky couple, it might just be the getaway of a lifetime. 

The offer to stay on the Maatsuyker Island in Tasmania is truly unique, but it’s not the only place in the world that offers guests an opportunity to get paid to live there. Albinen, a Swiss mountain town, also has a very enticing proposal…

Over the last few years, many of the town’s residents decided the slow-paced mountain lifestyle wasn’t for them, and they relocated to bigger cities where a faster and more eventful life was waiting. So, how exactly did the town plan on growing its current population of 240?

They’re offering to pay families who move in $70,000 to buy a previously owned home or to have a new one built. Sounds too good to be true, right? There are a few catches involved with this deal as well.

First, the deal does not extend to current residents who want to buy a second home; the town wants to attract brand new residents. Another stipulation states those who do accept the money need to live in the town for a minimum of 10 years. If they leave before then, the $70,000 must be repaid in full.

The third and final agreement is that along with the $70,000 the town offers new residents, the new homeowners themselves must contribute $200,000 of their own income, as well. Albinen hopes this deal can turn a now barren town into a thriving mountain village again.

The people of Albinen also point out that if potential candidates are afraid the location is too far away from a bustling city, fear not! It’s only four miles away from the spa town of Leukerbad and a short 35-minute car ride from the city of Visp!

It takes a certain person to embark on the two-year stay at Maatsuyker Island or the decade-long commitment in Albinen, but for those who seek a lifestyle change they’ll remember forever, these are perfect options. Are you game?

Many people would find it hard to live in these places, but for some, these could totally be epic adventures. Plus, you’re paid to live there! What do you think?

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