Make These Pull-apart Pigs In A Blanket For Your Next Party

All you need is a cake pan!

With football season fully underway and the holidays right around the corner, you’ll likely have occasion to cook for a crowd. Thankfully, this recipe for pull-apart pigs in a blanket will make your life so much easier when it comes to feeding an entire party.

Pigs in a blanket are easy enough to make, considering they only require a can or two of dough and cocktail wieners. But there’s something about cooking them all together in this pull-apart fashion that makes serving them even more fun and convenient.

All you need to pull this off (haha, get it?) are a few packages of cocktail wieners, a tube of pizza dough, butter and some spices.

Delish shows you how to execute this simple recipe in a video they posted to their Facebook page:

According to the recipe, 15 minutes of prep, about 50 minutes of bake time and just a few minutes to cool are all that’s needed for this delicious appetizer to be hot and ready for grabbing!

In case you’re wondering how many cocktail wieners are needed for this recipe — it depends. According to Delish, in different versions of this recipe, up to 60 cocktail wieners were used. It all depends on who’s slicing the pizza dough. So if you’re looking to stretch this recipe as far as it will go, the thinner you slice the dough, the better.

If this dish has inspired you to look for even more pull-apart recipes, you’re in luck. Because there are plenty of other recipes where this one came from! For instance, there’s this recipe for pull-apart grilled cheese rolls that will keep guests coming back for more. Get the full recipe over at Shared:

And while the above options lean toward the savory, it’s easy enough to find pull-apart options that are sweet, too. Thumbing through these unique recipes for monkey breadis a great place to start.

For example, one recipe for pull-apart cherry cheesecake monkey bread might just become your favorite dessert. It takes all of the elements you love about cheesecake — the cherry glaze, graham cracker crust and rich and creamy center — and forms it in a way that’s easy enough to pop into your mouth and enjoy in one bite. Get the full recipe from Girl Versus Dough:

Make These Pull-Apart Pigs In A Blanket For Your Next Party
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