Man Gave His Girlfriend The Hood, But Kept The Coat For Himself

We often hear nowadays that chivalry is dead. Well, this guy showed that romance is still alive when he gave his girlfriend his hood to keep her new haircut dry. However, he kept his jacket for him.

The Internet is now confused as to whether this is an act of chivalry of kindness or not, because he gave her his hood, but he kept his coat to himself.

The bizarre turn of events left Jake Shannon, who took the video and photos, stunned. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the couple during a rainy day at Cheshire, England.
The girl is complete without a coat, but has the large blue hood over her head, and it appears to be out of her boyfriend’s blue jacket.

The confused Jake jokingly suspected that the man in the jacked have just paid for the girl’s haircut and he didn’t want to see the rain ruin it.

Jake says that he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw the couple, but the opinions of the viewers on the Internet has been divided. Plenty of people thought that the man should have given her the whole coat, but there were also many people that thought it was just a nice act of kindness. In fact, more than 11,000 people commented on Jake’s post on Facebook, discussing whether the mystery man is a gentleman or just trying to get away with the bare minimum.

Jake’s own comment on the post was:

“You love your girl….but do you love her enough to give her the hood off your coat!?[This] man’s setting standards out here that I just can’t meet.”

He later added:

“If I was out when it was raining I would just give my missus my coat, I would never think to unbutton the hood and just give her that.

“I think my missus would just take my coat off me.

But what’s your opinion on this? How would you react if your partner gave you just his hood, and kept the jacket for himself?