Man Transforms An Old Screw Into A ‘Deadly’ Tool, And That’s Not Even His Coolest Project

We all have junk lying around the house. Go ahead, take a look and you’ll see a fair share of useless items. Many of us tell ourselves that we have some special use for it all, but rarely follow through. Our DIY dreams just become delusions of grandeur.

Then there are the few among us who make good on these plans. More often than not, it takes a little dose of crazy to be a real inventor. For one mad genius on YouTube, everyday objects are the ingredients for his insane gadgets. Go ahead and step into his workshop — if you’re brave enough.

YouTube user ‘i did a thing’ is far from your typical home improvement guru. He undertakes elaborate and unusual projects that result in wild gizmos that you never even knew you wanted… or needed!

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Take, for example, this rusty screw. While just about anyone else would have tossed it into the scrap pile, this YouTuber saw its true potential. Using a bit of imagination and elbow grease, he transformed it into a very neat tool.

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With a setup that would make a medieval blacksmith jealous, he began to completely rework the screw. First, he heated it up over a fire.

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Once it was glowing red, he knew it was hot enough to be pliable. The YouTuber picked up the screw — with tongs, of course — and hammered it over his anvil.

YouTube / i did a thing

Slowly but surely, he split one end of the screw into tines and hooked its other end back toward the middle. Voila! It was shaped just like a scorpion.

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There was no doubt that it was a cool looking device, or that it was once a rusty screw. But did it serve any purpose?

YouTube / i did a thing

It turns out it’s the perfect shape for a bottle opener! However, the YouTuber ended his demonstration on a comical note by dropping his beer as soon as it was open.

YouTube / i did a thing

But rest assured — he is up to way more than cracking open a few cold ones. His page is filled with projects that maybe aren’t as practical as a bottle opener, but will certainly blow you away…

In one video, he sets out on the unique mission to construct a ‘family-friendly’ booby trap. Wielding an Exacto Knife, he cut a gigantic hole in the middle of a dictionary.

YouTube / i did a thing

This act is enough to earn the stern disapproval of any librarian. But, if it’s any consolation, the YouTuber did read several pages and learn some new words before he sliced through the book.

Inside the hollowed-out book, he rigged up the spine of a binder to a large spoon, which would spring up whenever the book opened. Of course, the spoon didn’t stay empty for long.

YouTube / i did a thing

He immediately stuffed it with, you guessed it, cheese! That way, whenever his trap was triggered, it would launch chunks of dairy into the air!

Flickr / dkcameo

He basically built a cheese catapult! It was the perfect way to prank anyone who rifled through his library without asking. All book thieves better get out of the “whey”!

Tim Cullis

Though not every launch was successful. Some of the heavier types of cheese just sort of flopped out of the trap in slow motion.

Finally, the YouTuber launched perhaps his most ambitious project by constructing a Supersonic Nerf Gun. No, that’s not a toy that’s available in stores.

He took the shell of an old Nerf gun and filled it with aluminum tubing, some PVC pipe, and an electric-powered trigger. Naturally, he gave it a fresh coat of paint too. What’s the point of having a cool toy if it’s not sleek and stylish?

YouTube / i did a thing

The biggest surprise was the YouTuber’s choice of ammunition. He ended up using tampons, which fortunately didn’t end up drawing any blood. But don’t underestimate what these things could do…

Roar News / Johnny Tam

Not only did his Nerf gun break the sound barrier when fired. It also had the power to embed its tampon bullets into a plywood cutout! The toy’s bark definitely matched its bite.

YouTube / i did a thing

Even more impressive, the YouTube mastermind took aim at an overripe banana. His shot went clean through the fruit, leaving a perfect hole. That had to scare off any fruit flies in the neighborhood!

YouTube / i did a thing

You can check out the full video of his bottle opener creation below! Be sure to check out his other awesome DIY projects as well, but maybe don’t try these out yourself.

Which of these offbeat gadgets is your favorite?

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