Melania Trump Gets Upstaged By Unimpressed Young Girl In White House Photo

Blame Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for Melania Trump getting seriously upstaged in this photo by a young girl who was unimpressed and unbothered.

The wife of President Donald Trump recently invited 30 young children to the White House to watch a movie during National Bullying Prevention Month.

The group of sixth graders watched Wonder and met with DeVos — a controversial figure who has rattled many liberals with some of her comments about America’s educational system.

A spokesperson for Melania said this about the event: “The movie celebrates October’s National Bullying Prevention Month by highlighting the importance of choosing kindness — a core belief of Mrs. Trump’s Be Best campaign.”

FLOTUS shared a photo from the event that featured one little girl who seemed blasé by what was going on.

In the viral image, the child stands out from the others because of her indifferent expression, folded arms, and the bored look on her face.

She has become a viral sensation, and many said maybe she was hoping to see Michelle Obama instead of Melania.

While others claimed she was rude. And a few said that she was thinking #IReallyDontCareDoYou” in reference to Trump’s infamous jacket.

One person said: “Thank God I live in Australia. What mean people live in America. Get rid of your President. GO VOTE.”


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This little girl with her arms folded is all of our spirit animals… lol #IReallyDontCareDoYou #BeBest r/p @tariqelite

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Another commenter stated: “I agree with you that’s why I said it’s coming from the top. We all need to use the brains the good Lord gave us and be independent thinkers. Gang mentality usually doesn’t end up well.”

This person went on to add: “‘The little girl in the middle with her arms crossed is going to grow up and achieve great things. Melania is not a role model, Michelle is. Do you have any words in response to her feeling that she is the most bullied person in the world? How about the fact that she is married to the most bullying person in the world?”

A fourth supporter shared: “And your wild brain is what’s too tight! It’s perfectly ok for you all to teach your kids to disrespect us though! We WILL teach our own kids what we deem best for their survival, thank you very much!!!”

What do you think of the photo?