Mom Lost Custody Of Her Children For Something Most Of Us Are Doing

Probably most of the parents do everything they can to make sure their children safe, healthy and loved. Also, there are also many people that are willing to tell you the ‘best ways’ to go when it comes to raising your kids. Parenting isn’t easy, and that’s a fact!

However, most parents with a good head and good heart find a way to raise their kids just fine.
Of course, there may be ups and downs, but most parents figure out how to raise their kids on their own.

Nevertheless, make sure that it won’t stop TONS of people from chiming in with advice.

Putting your kids to sleep is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion on. Every parent has their own way of handling it, however, one mom found out the hard way that the how she handled her kids’ bedtime was going to put her in a seriously bad situation.

“Continually ignoring advice” led this mom from Cambridgeshire, England to having both of her children (both under the age of 4) taken out of her custody.

What was the reason for it?
Because the mom allowed the kids to sleep in bed with her, and the social workers noticed bruises on their skin. According to Judge Peter Greene, one of the boy’s legs was bruised, and even though it probably happened accidentally, it points to “excessive force” by the parents.

To top it all out, the social workers stated that the mom had been “continually ignoring their advice against having him in bed with her.”

The younger son had bruises and even a broken wrist when he was just months old, so Judge Greene determined that the “rough, abrupt manner” of the parents had been the cause of the boys’ injuries.

The strangest part in the situation is that the judge agreed that the mother absolutely loves her children and she would never do anything to intentionally hurt them, but she is still abusing them by co-sleeping with them.

He added that evidence also showed the mother “always thinks that she knows best.”.

Many people were enraged at the ruling, because close to 80% of parents admit of co-sleeping with their children.
However, others believe that the bruises are evidence and the children should have been removed for their own safety.
Regardless of the opinion of the general public, the judge felt that adoption will be the only reasonable course of action.

The case is still in the courts, but it managed to raise a lot of concern for some parents. What’s your opinion on this?