Mom Sings Sweetest Worship Song To Her Baby & His Adoring Gaze Is Priceless.

As a parent, you can never really tell what kinds of experiences will shape your children into their future selves.

Michelle Figuerroa-Cardenas recently shared the sweetest moment between her and her son. The footage shows the loving mother cradling her infant son and singing “Give Me Jesus,” a 2006 Christian/gospel song by singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp, the lyrics express all the love and adoration that fills a new mother’s heart.

michelle and sons

And the expression on his face as he adoringly gazes up at her? Seriously, too cute for words…

closeup of baby

This sweet baby boy especially loves this part, if his wide smile is any indication…

You can have all this world
Just give me Jesus

michelle singing to baby

“Something about the name of Jesus. That makes you smile,” one viewer wrote, while another added:

mom singing fb comments

This obviously wasn’t the first or last time she sang to her infant son, and some of those other lullabies probably included such standards as “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

But the fact that she chose “Give Me Jesus” speaks volumes about the values this little boy is being taught — those universal truths about kindness, generosity and strength of spirit. And the fact that millions have liked and shared it shows that the message is spreading far and wide.

Listen in on this mother-son moment in the video below, and share to spread more love.