Moms’ Groups Are Issuing ‘Golden Boobs Awards’ For Extended Breastfeeding

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed: It seems to be a constant topic up for debate among parents, experts and even random people on the street. But no matter what you end up deciding works for you and your child, the truth about breastfeeding is clear — it’s tough work. Nailing just the right latch, sticking with it during those 3 a.m. wakeup calls and pumping when you can’t be there to offer the real thing can all make it tough to commit. That’s why if you do make it through those initial months, you might feel like you deserve a major pat on the back.

But what about an award?

Some moms’ groups felt like an award was exactly what was in order, especially when it came to extended breastfeeding. That’s why they created the “golden boobs” awards, an online trend that eventually gathered steam across social media.

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So, How Does This Work?

The gist of the awards is that breastfeeding moms move up a level — and receive a corresponding title — the longer they breastfeed. For instance, three months of breastfeeding earns you “bronze boobs”; at six months, you get “silver boobs”; one year is “golden boobs”; at 18 months, you achieve “platinum boobs”; and two years is “diamond boobs.”

Some people even take it one step further and break it down more intricately. Earlier this month, Twitter user @sleeful offered a chart to show how the “Breastfeeding Boobie Awards” contains various levels — and includes various nipple achievements, too — depending on how long a mother breastfeeds.

Swag For The Big Achievement

Of course, what would the celebration of a breastfeeding milestone be without a fun gift to mark the occasion? If you want a little something to show your support for a friend (or give yourself a little love for the accomplishment), you might want to check out some of these ultra-creative gifts available on Etsy, including a heart-shaped keychain from CharlotteLucyDesigns:

There are also fun greeting cards, like this one from ScarlettsCornerUK:

Then again, you could always make a sweet treat to mark your breastfeeding achievement. Instagram user @thebadassbreastfeeder recently shared a fun cake from @gracedanielscakes:

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From @gracedanielscakes – Golden Boobies Cake to mark 1 year of breastfeeding for @jenidol.

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And Twitter user @Truly_cakes also came up with a rather creative cake design that features an unbuttoned bra that reveals a golden bra and exposed breast. “Golden boobies and 1st Birthday cake. Celebrating breast feeding [sic] in the best way,” reads the tweet.

And really, any excuse to eat cake is always a good one — especially one that praises an especially victorious mom moment, right?

But Not Everyone Is A Fan

While proponents of the awards find the system works as a useful tool in supporting mothers who are able to breastfeed for a longer period of time, others believe it’s just another way of creating a divide between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers.

Perhaps that feeling is the result of some rather low numbers related to mothers who are able to breastfeed exclusively for an extended period of time. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants be exclusively breastfed for about the first 6 months and that they continue to be breastfed along with solid food until at least age 1. However, only about 57 percent of infants in the U.S. are breastfed at 6 months, and by their first birthdays, only about 36 percent of American babies are still drinking breastmilk.

Do you think breastfeeding awards are a good way to encourage moms or just another way to divide them?