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It has a 10-15 minute routine that you have to do every morning to wake up the deep peroneal nerve in the foot. According to the author, this nerve controls all the muscles in the lower body.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program has seen tremendous success! I’ve received many stories from my readers about the benefits they’ve experienced from using this product. So I feel very strongly about this program, and whatever I have to say about it, I will share in this review.

I’m in my 60s, and after having a hip and knee replacement, my balance wasn’t the best after the surgery. I was afraid to walk downstairs and often spent nights sleeping on the couch. But after performing these balancing exercises with the spike ball, I’m feeling stronger on my feet with better stability and mobility.

So if you also have balance problems, this Neuro- Balance Therapy review is for you. Read through this review until the end to find out its features, how it works, who created it, its pros and cons, where to buy it, and much more.

So let’s get started.

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Neuro-Balance Therapy

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Activates Sleeping Nerve In Foot To Improve Balance


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Chris Wilson


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What is The Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a balance-strengthening program that makes you less likely to fall or trip. It strengthens the muscles in your lower body and makes it easier for you to move around.

All you have to do is a simple 10-15 minute routine every morning to activate the deep peroneal nerve in the foot. The deep peroneal nerve controls all the muscles in the lower body, according to the author.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program has gentle, soft, and light stretches that you can do from home. You don’t need any fancy equipment; all you need is a solid chair and a nerve-wake-up spike ball that we’ll send to your doorstep.

Chris Wilson, the creator, divided this program into three different segments: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced, so that everyone can progress at their own pace. To get the best results, it is important to perform these exercises every day.

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What is Deep Peroneal Nerve? And how can neuro-balance therapy help?

According to the latest statistics, around 25% of adults in the USA have problems with their balance and need someone or equipment to assist them in walking. However, these numbers increase sharply after the age of 60.

Moreover, in adults above 60, balance problems are linked with falls. Almost 50% of adults over 65 falls every year. Men and women are both affected equally.

According to Chris Wilson, a certified balance specialist, one of the common reasons for the loss of sensation and movement is a sleeping nerve in the foot. He believes this nerve is responsible for over 97% of trips and falls in people above 60. This sleeping nerve is the Peroneal Nerve.

Peroneal whim-whams dysfunction is extremely common in people over 60, but this condition can affect people of any age.
Chris Wilson created this Neuro-Balance remedy program to spark these sleeping peroneal whim-whams in the bottom to support long-lasting stability and balance anyhow of your situation or age.

What Increases Your Chances Of Falling?

Chris Wilson says that there are three big mistakes that many people make that make it more likely for them to fall. These mistakes are:

# 1 Balance Exercises Balance exercises, stability balls, and BOSU discs are great for perfecting balance for someone in phenomenal shape. Still, these exercises and outfits are bad for people who have lost strength and balance in their lower body. Also, they don’t spark the sleeping whim-whams responsible for guarding you against falling.

# 2 Wearing Shoes All The Time Another mistake utmost people make is wearing shoes. Little jitters in the bottom need to smell the ground, and wearing shoes breaks their connection with the ground and makes them slow to fire the muscle and help accidental cascade.

# 3 Falling Is Age-Related Problem Millions of people believe that aged- age people have an advanced threat of falling and tripping due to their age. Thankfully, this isn’t true. numerous people over the 90s have maintained and recaptured their strength, stability, and balance as well.

Who Neuro-Balance Therapy Is Best For

Chris Wilson designed Neuro-Balance Therapy as a treatment for people with balance problems. He and his team developed these gentle and light stretches after studying numerous reports by renowned universities.
The latest statistics show balance problems can affect anyone, regardless of age, and that men and women are equally susceptible to them. This means that Neuro-Balance Therapy is suitable for anyone.
People in their 30s are also getting balance problems because sitting for extended periods robs muscles of the minerals and nutrients they need to function properly.

Most people don’t take these problems seriously until their peroneal nerve fails and they start falling. That is why physical therapists stress the significance of stretching the body in a certain way to boost the nervous system.
Neuro- Balance remedy is designed for everyone, especially people with busy cultures. It only takes many twinkles every morning. Lots of people have tried these stretching exercises and been happy with the results they got from the program.

Who is Chris Wilson?

Chris Wilson is a certified balance specialist who created the Neuro-Balance Therapy program after being inspired by one of his client’s success stories. Chris has helped many people regain balance and confidence in their lives. However, Mary Anne’s success story led him to test his methods on more people to make sure Mary Anne’s progress was not a fluke.

Chris introduced a whim-whams- wake-up shaft ball to his balance-strengthening exercises and named 100 men and women over 60 who came to him due to their balance problems. He suggested this group complete a 10-minute exercise session with this spike ball every morning.

In just two weeks, 97% of people who tried this program said they felt stronger and more stable. It also helped them to overcome their fear of falling.

You can also get the Neuro-Balance Therapy program and a Nerve-Wake-up spike ball to become stronger and stable regardless of age or situation.

What’s included in the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?
Every order comes with:
Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD:

Chris has handed exercises, tips, and routines on this DVD that you can put into your DVD player, computer, or laptop to start incontinently.

These exercise vids contain soft and light movements to spark the peroneal whim-whams in your bottom while erecting stability and strength. These movements will also help you from the cascade and passages.
They divide these exercise vids into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced situations, which we will band below.

You’ll need a president and whim-whams- Wake up shaft ball to perform these exercises, which will take only 10 twinkles. For stylish results, perform these exercises every morning until you start feeling strong and stable on your bases.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Spike Ball:

The Neuro-Balance Therapy Spike Ball is designed to help you relax and release tension. It’s made with nerve-wake-up technology and contains a specific number of crystallized spikes to help activate sleeping nerves. It’s durable and provides a hardening touch that can help retrieve sleeping nerves in the foot. This can help you improve your walking and prevent falling.

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What Are Neuro-Balance Therapy Exercises?

Chris Wilson created Neuro-Balance Therapy for people with any fitness level, so he divided the exercises into three levels.
Here is a brief overview of these levels:
Beginner Level:
Chris Wilson designed this level for beginners or anyone who is starting this program for the first time. This segment/level comes with ten movements to stimulate nerves in the foot.
This level also contains foundational movements and extra advice, including why you should do these exercises barefoot.

Intermediate Level:
They designed the intermediate level for users who are comfortable doing beginner exercises. This intermediate level also introduces a 10-minute routine, including a 1-minute routine with the spike ball.
Further, this level comes with complex exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve stability and balance. You will also get several tips, including exercise variations you can use if you feel you are going to fall.

Advanced Level:
Users can start this final and advanced level if they are comfortable with level 2 exercises.
This level contains exercises that are more complicated than the previous levels because they maximize your balance, stability, and strengthening and prevent you from falling.
Along with the DVD and Nerve-Wake-up spike ball, you’ll also get two free bonuses.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Free Bonuses:

They include these two bonuses in Neuro-Balance Therapy:
Bonus #1—Fool-Proof Your Home:
Chris Wilson has created this short report that you can use to make your home safe. This quick report contains a list of 20 tips and techniques to ensure your safety, whether you live alone or with someone.
People like this 20-checklist because it helps them live confidently in their homes without worrying about every step they take.

Bonus #2—Neuro-Balance Therapy Program Online Access:
Along with the DVD and Nerve-Wake-up spike ball, you’ll also get access to the members’ area, where you can watch videos and download them on your computer or laptop.
The members’ area also contains PDFs for people who prefer reading instead of watching videos. These are short PDFs; you can also print them to read anytime and anywhere without worrying about internet speed.
So, with this online access, you can learn about the peroneal nerve and start performing these balance-strengthening exercises without waiting for the physical product to arrive at the doorstep.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Cost:

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is available only on its official website.
According to the official website, users can select any one of the two packages:
• Instant digital access to the program along with (one) DVD and spike ball shipped to your home: $47
• Instant digital access to the program along with (two) DVDs and spike balls shipped to your home: $77
These packages come in a one-time payment and are protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, these packages also include a free bonus ‘fall-proof your home report.

What Are Customers Saying About Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?
I requested feedback about the Neuro-Balance Therapy program on different Facebook Groups and Reddit Communities (subreddits), and five users provided their honest opinion on this program:

Lynn from New Mexico mentioned:

“I lost my balance and fell down the stairs. After watching these videos and following the exercises for one month, I am slowly gaining my confidence back as I feel stability in doing the things I used to do. These Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises are lifesavers.”

Patsy from Canada mentioned:

“I purchased this program because I had balance problems. It amazed me how carefully exercises were crafted, ensuring anyone can perform these exercises, including those wheelchair users. I started slowly and followed its tips and variations. It has a routine that takes only 10 minutes daily. These Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises improve flexibility, stability, and strength.”

Margie from New York commented:

“This program works with you and explains every exercise step-by-step. I was suffering from the long-term effects of an autoimmune disease, and these exercises with a spike ball helped me to get to the track of steady walking. These exercises are AMAZING.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a well-structured program. It shows you many variations you can use if you have a physical condition that stops you from performing original exercises. It also gives you a great overview of stretching exercises. The videos are a great help in understanding how to perform every exercise.”

Parker from California mentioned:

“I love these exercises. I broke my hip (falling), and these exercises are the same as my therapist suggested during rehabilitation. Now I have these exercises with me and will not forget them.
I do these exercises with my 40-year daughter, who has CPA and goes for therapy twice weekly. We do these exercises three times a week and love doing them. My daughter has recently ordered more copies of Neuro-Balance Therapy so she can give them to her friends. ”

Debra from Orlando Sain:

“I am a senior and have balance problems. These Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises are simple to do at home. Every exercise is clearly explained and how much it should be done.
I am doing these exercises with a spike ball, which has helped my balance. Now I feel I won’t fall, and as I walk, I don’t wobble as much. Definitely! I recommend Neuro-Balance Therapy.”

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What Are The Benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Chris has created Neuro-Balance Therapy after working with thousands of people with the balance problem. They nicely divided these exercises into three levels to revive the sleeping nerve in your foot and build stability, along with other health benefits.

Reverses Age-Related Balance Issues

Balancing is a complex skill that combines the brain, muscles, and inner ear. If you don’t practice balancing exercises, you’ll start losing coordination between them. Neuro-Balance exercises are designed to work on these three systems, helping you overcome some balance issues which come with getting older.

Prevents Fall

Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises work on improving the way you walk to help you avoid falls. By avoiding falls, you’ll not only be able to avoid physical damage like broken hips, but also improve your confidence. When your balancing system works properly, you will be able to react to slips more quickly, making it less likely for you to fall.

Builds Strong Posture

Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, many people develop limitations like hunched shoulders, reduced back mobility, and tight hip flexors. We are not doing balance exercises to counteract these adverse effects of our lifestyle. Neuro-Balance Therapy will teach you dynamic and static positions to improve posture and overcome these limitations.

Improves Mind-Body Coordination

Humans should have good mind-body coordination, just like animals have in their natural habitats. However, modern luxuries prevent us from doing important physical tasks for developing coordination. Neuro-Balance exercises, especially those done with the spike ball, help you develop mind-body coordination so you can easily adapt to any situation without even thinking about it.

Why Neuro-Balance Therapy Is Effective?

Neuro-Balance Therapy provides all tools, tips, and techniques to help users to activate the sleeping peroneal nerve in their feet and develop strong stability and balance. Moreover, it offers many advantages that make it stand above other balance training programs.
Here are a few things that make Neuro-Balance Therapy effective:

Created By Expert

Chris Wilson is a certified balance specialist with years of experience in working and helping people overcome their balance issues with balance-strengthening exercises. Moreover, Chris and his team carefully designed these exercises after going through several studies at prestigious universities.

Easily Accessible

Neuro-Balance Therapy provides you with all exercising videos on the DVD that you will receive, along with a nerve-wake-up spike ball, within 2-3 business days. Moreover, Chris provides online access to the program that will help you start immediately.

Comes In An Affordable Price

When compared with therapist fees, the Neuro-Balance Therapy price is kept affordable so that many people can buy it and use it to solve their balance issues. Moreover, this program comes at a one-time cost, and you don’t have to worry about paying monthly.

Supported By Verified Customers

As mentioned above, I requested feedback on this program on different social media platforms. I received positive responses from five previous customers who have used these exercises to overcome their balancing problems. Moreover, I didn’t receive any negative feedback from the users of this program.

Protected With Money-Back Guarantee:

Neuro-Balance Therapy is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the program, you can ask for your money back. You’ll get your money back within 2-3 business days.

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Is Neuro-Balance Therapy Scam or Legit?

Most people want to know if Neuro-Balance Therapy is a scam or legit. The answer is this is a legit program.
Chris Wilson has included a money-back guarantee so people can test these exercises without worrying about losing money.
Moreover, Chris Wilson is a certified balance specialist with years of experience helping his clients overcome their balance problems. He has used his knowledge and expertise in creating this program so that it works for everyone, even people with a busy work schedule.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow program. You will get every tool, tip, and technique that will activate the sleeping peroneal nerve in the foot and improve stability and strength.

Chris Wilson has also provided his email so the users of this program can ask any questions related to the techniques provided in this program.

Final Verdict of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program

Fall is the leading cause of injuries to seniors, so don’t wait any longer to protect yourself or your elderly loved ones.
According to the latest statistics by CDC, around 36 million seniors suffer injuries due to falls, of which 28000 injuries lead to an unfortunate death.
Moreover, injuries from falls can destroy the confidence of any elderly person and put them in bed for the long term.
If you or the elderly loved one suffered a significant drop in control and balance, then something must be done RIGHT NOW.
With Neuro-Balance Therapy by certified balance expert Chris Wilson, you’ll get tools, tips, and techniques that you can use to protect yourself or your elderly loved ones from falling and injuries.
Don’t wait any longer and get Neuro-Balance Therapy today!

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