Perv With Foot Fetish Caught Filming Girls As Young As 8 In Supermarket Avoids Prison

A foot fetish pervert has escaped jail after admitting that he has been filming the legs and feet of young girls in an Aldi supermarket for s*xual gratification.

The 38-year-old Kristian Stephan was caught in the act while recording the feet of girls as young as 8 years old, and he also took a video in the town center of Solihull, England.
He admitted to the police later that he had taken the clips “for his own s*xual gratification”.

After admitting two counts of outraging public decency, he avoided prison and was instead given a three-year community order. It is the highest non-prison sentence magistrates could impose.

Stephan, from Aldrige, was first spotted acting suspiciously in an Aldi store on April 19. The staff initially suspected that he may be a shoplifter, so a PCSO was asked to watch him. Staff spotted him later on CCTV “filming a child of around 12 years of age from the waist down”.

The incident to the police, but Stephan was not detained.

A security guard at a Boots store in Solihull’s Mell saw Stephan on May 5 filming two girls aged 8 and 11 from the waist down.
David Devine, the prosecutor, said:

“He approached Mr. Stephan. The guard said he felt shocked and outraged as he has nieces of a similar age. He said he felt sickened by Mr. Stephan’s behavior.”

The guard challenged Stephan, and he told him that he was doing “nothing wrong”, and planned to “delete the video anyway”.

Boots staff called the police, and they detained and arrested Stephan. He admitted both offenses at the police interview, and he also admitted his motives.

“He did it for his own sexual gratification. He told police he had a s*xual fetish for feet and that he finds it hard to control his s*xual needs,” – says Devine.

Police carried out a search of Stephan’s property after Boots incident, and they found a small quantity of cannabis.

He also pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of drugs.
Stephan told the magistrates in his hearing on Tuesday:

“I apologize sincerely. I am having counseling and just trying to change my life around. I went bankrupt. That’s not an excuse but I was in a rut. In a way, this thing that happened to me, it stopped me going out there again.”

He told magistrates that he was seeing a psychiatrist and he was working for ten hours a day. He added:

“I have no excuse. There is no excuse for what I have done”

He must complete a 60-day rehabilitation order, 100 hours unpaid work and a 60-day programme to target s*xual offending. He paid £185 for court costs and a £85 victim surcharge.