20 Ridiculous Photos Of Dumb Drivers That Shouldn’t Be Allowed On The Roads At All

Driving is dangerous. Just think of all the thousands of stressed-out, wound up people trying to control two-ton metal machines at dangerously high speeds! So you would think drivers do everything possible to keep their fellow humans safe, right?

But the sad truth is that even the best drivers take some not-so-smart risks and drive amok on roads everywhere. Still, even the worst drivers don’t compare to these 20 oddly impressive-and-hilarious driving decisions…

1. You’ve gotta hand it to the dog, here: he wore a helmet, goggles, and practiced great paw placement. Still, one loose tennis ball on the sidewalk or a passing mail truck might cause a traffic jam.

2. When you’re late to work and your car’s covered in eight feet of snow, sometimes you have to make some sacrifices to get out on the road…like leaving a one-hundred-pound block of snow on your roof.

3. This driver saved a few hundred dollars on a truck rental by packing his pickup with an auditorium’s worth of chairs. Somehow, he defied physics in the process—even Einstein would be awestruck.

4. In fairness to this driver, that television wasn’t going to drive itself home. When you don’t want to pay $50 for your new television to be shipped to your house, you’ve got to employ some drastic measures.

5. To stop himself from lashing out at bad drivers and turning into a screaming, boiling mess of a man, this Dallas resident kept his mouth shut by any means necessary. Literally any means.

6. Smartly, this driver put a blanket down on their hood so that the poorly secured washing machine wouldn’t leave scratches as he barrelled down the highway, effectively blind to the roadway.

7. Merging into traffic is tough when your car’s a bit top heavy. But hay, the side mirror might bale this driver out of any itchy situation. Put your pitchforks away!

8. They say when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and Joe took this lesson to heart. When he couldn’t find a song he liked on the radio, he recorded his own album LIVE ON THE ROAD.

9. That’s the haunted stare only a girl caught reading a book at high speeds could give. To her credit, though, she wasn’t taking photos of a girl reading a book at high speeds. That would be truly dangerous.

10. What better place to kick your feet up and relax with some music than a motorbike tearing down the highway? None, if you enjoy spending most of your time on operating tables and hospital rooms.

11. When she picked up a trampoline for free in the Rite Aid parking lot, she probably expected the previous owner to, you know, disassemble the thing. At least she didn’t let her kids play on it during the drive home.

12. Plenty of regular drivers don’t know the finer details about their vehicles. But surely, even the worst drivers know you need four wheels. Unless this jeep uses three-wheel-and-a-tree-branch drive…

13. There was a moment where the driver thought, “should I pay to ship this television, run out to get a rope to tie it down, or just have my wife ride in the trunk and stand on it?” At least he flipped the hazards on.

14. Tetris experts pried their jaws off the floor when they stole a glance at this truck neatly topped with a few houses worth of furniture. But how was the truck’s bottom not scraping the asphalt under all that weight?

15. Most people who eat and drive just pick at finger foods stashed in a cup holder. Not her. She brought out a plate, knife, and fork for her highway meal. It was so good, apparently, that she called someone to tell them about it, too!

16. Even the writers of the Final Destination franchise wouldn’t dream of a deathly scenario so perfect: an entire truck bed of bricks “secured” with a single, decrepit string.

17. Transporting a motorcycle can be tricky business: it’s not like you can just hop on top of one and drive it to wherever it needs to go! This must be the “spare tire” of the motorcycle kingdom.

18. Never mind that the truck’s back wheel wells must be grinding the tires into nothing. Just wonder, how did the driver get that car into the truck bed at that angle?

19. A cellphone in the right hand and a cup in the left—not the safest plan when you’re behind the wheel of a moving car! But at least she’s got a judgy dog who seems to have everything under control.

20. Never mind that his cart looks like it might be one hard peddle away from complete disintegration. If drivers earned awards, this guy would be in contention for the highly coveted “simplest way to end up without a head” prize!

These bad drivers don’t make the roadways any safer! What’s the worst driving you’ve ever seen?

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