President Trump Threatens Nightmare 1,500 Honduran Immigrants Marching to U.S.

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President Trump Sea of Immigrants Marching to U.S. …If Mexico Doesn’t Stop ’em, Our Military Will!!!

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President Trump‘s watching his worst nightmare unfold — more than 1,500 immigrants marching from Honduras to the U.S., and he’s vowing our troops will stop them … if Mexico can’t get the job done.

The sea of humanity — which started last week with fewer than 200 people — is currently approaching Mexico, hell-bent on steaming toward the U.S. border. Images like this caught Trump‘s eye Thursday morning, and he started leveling a slew of threats — including cutting off aid to Central American countries and demanding Mexico intervene.

For what it’s worth … Mexico seems to have gotten the message, and is sending hundreds of federal cops to try to stem the caravan.

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A very similar situation unfolded earlier this year when a group of 1,200 people set out for the United States. Only about 150 made it to the border crossing at Tijuana, seeking asylum.

The President is blaming the Democrats, this time around, for encouraging the caravans. If Mexican police don’t get the job done … this will get interesting.

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