10 Quirky Doormats You Need To Spruce Up Your Home

A doormat is a great way to welcome guests to your home and, depending on the style, can really set the tone for what guests can expect once inside. Check out these 10 quirky doormats that are full of personality.

1. Mochi Just So You Know There’s Like A Lot Of Kids In Here Entrance Floor Mat, Amazon, $19.99

For anyone with lots of little ones at home, this bluntly-worded entrance mat available on Amazon warns visitors that they probably won’t get much in the way of peace and quiet once they cross your threshold.


2. Funny Kids’ Home Welcome! I Hope You Brought Beer Indoor/Outdoor Doormat, Amazon, $15.99

This funny mat lets guests know your beverage of choice, should they be so inclined to bring a gift for their host.


3. Get In, Loser Doormat, Etsy, $32

Perfect for any “Mean Girls” superfan, this silly mat pays homage to the teen comedy classic.


4. Wine / Work<imgsrc=”” alt=”™” class=”wp-smiley” style=”height: 1em; max-height: 1em;”> Mat, Etsy, $34

This mat provides a roadmap for anyone leaving or entering your home, letting them know that work should be left at the door, while wine is totally welcome inside. And never the twain shall meet.


5. Letters Tufted Rug Black – Room Essentials<imgsrc=”” alt=”™” class=”wp-smiley” style=”height: 1em; max-height: 1em;”>, Target, $9.34

This cute black-and-white mat, which features both a boombox and a shout-out to the 1982 Michael Jackson hit, is on sale for just under ten bucks.


6. HomeTrax Wipe Your Paws Doormat, Target, $28.04

Perfect for pet lovers, this colorful mat instructs all visitors — whether they have two legs or four  —  to wipe their “paws” before entering.


7.  Open Door Policy Door Mat, Bed, Bath & Beyond, $17.99

This cheeky mat lets guests know that your home has an “open door” policy with one rule: Whoever seeks entrance must bring wine.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

8. Bosmere 30″-by-20″ “Please Leave Your Worries and Shoes at the Door” Muddle Mat, Bed, Bath & Beyond, $29.99

Using only this durable mat, encourage your guests to “don’t worry; be happy” when they enter your home.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

9. “Cats are Proof” Floor Mat, Kohl’s, $54.99

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll want to snag this adorable cat-themed mat that gives our feline friends their proper due for all they do for us.


10. MATS “Sorry We’re Closed” Rug, Kohl’s, $59.99

For those days when you just want to close the blinds and pretend you’re not home, this mat is sure to send the message to any potential guests that now’s not a good time.


Do any of these mats fit your personality? What do guests see when they first cross your threshold?

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