Two snakes got in a fight and crashed through someone’s ceiling

Two snakes engaged in a wrestling match crashed through the ceiling of a home in Brisbane, Australia, like a scene from some sort of bizarre action/horror film.

The snakes were a pair of male coastal carpet pythons, a nonvenomous species who kill their prey by constriction. Snake catchers who arrived on the scene felt like they were most likely fighting over the right to mate with a female snake who was probably nearby. The pair somehow made their way into the home—where their combined weight was too much for a vent in one of the, luckily unoccupied, bedrooms.

The homeowners were kind enough to let the snake catchers capture some video of the battling reptiles before they were removed from the premises.

“We have our first pair of combat males for the season,” says the woman shooting the video, implying that this is the kind of thing they deal with all the time.

She also says the boys were “a bit naughty”—referring to the mess they made of the bedroom.

The carpet pythons may be scary, but they’re generally not considered a danger to humans. Adults are usually between two and four meters long, with the females typically being larger than the males.

The video, which was shot live on Facebook, was captured on Sunday and has now been viewed over 95,000 times. One commenter asked if the pair perhaps needed the bedroom for privacy, making the common mistake of interpreting the snakes’ combat for mating.

“No they don’t need privacy, Elizabeth,” responds the woman shooting the video. “They’re, um, fighting.”

After shooting the video, the snake handlers removed the fighting males and released them in a safe location.

H/T: Mashable