Sophie Turner wouldn’t date Joe Jonas unless he watched all the Harry Potter movies

Sophie Turner wouldn’t date Joe Jonas unless he watched all the Harry Potter movies

It seems that Sophie Turner is an even bigger Potterhead than we realized—and she made her husband become one, too. In an interview with James Cordon, Joe Jonas revealed that while the couple was dating, Turner gave him an ultimatum: Watch the entire Harry Potter series or their relationship wouldn’t move forward. In turn, Jonas laid down his own condition: Turner had to binge all of the Lord of the Rings movies. We love the couple’s dedication to their favorite fantasy franchises, and honestly, their requests are entirely reasonable in our eyes.

On April 27th, Jonas made a virtual appearance on The Late Late Show hosted by Cordon. As he described how he and his wife have been spending their time during quarantine, their early dating movie ultimatum was brought to light.

“Sophie, she told me, she said, ‘Look, if we’re going to get married…’ It was actually, ‘If you’re going to date me, you have to watch the Harry Potter movies,” Jonas said.

The musician went on to explain how in the U.K., where Turner is from, the Harry Potter series plays on TV throughout Christmastime. So the series has major sentimental value to the actress.

“I watched it, I fell and love with it, and I was like, ‘Look, my rule is that you have to watch Lord of the Rings,’” Jonas said.

We appreciate the equal display of loyalty to the couple’s respective fandoms. Jonas explained how both franchises have played a role in their quarantine entertainment; they’ve been marathon-watching Lord of the Rings and building the Legos that go along with both LotR and Harry Potter.

“To be fair, Sophie is really the talented one when it comes to Legos,” Jonas said. “I help by sorting the different pieces.”

Somehow, we’re not surprised that Turner is the mastermind behind building Legos—she’d totally be a Ravenclaw. (We’re thinking that Jonas might be a Hufflepuff.) Jonas noted that the couple has built three Lord of the Rings Lego sets, Hogwarts castle (“which is like, seven thousand pieces”), Batman’s Batmobile, and a Stranger Things Lego set. Are Legos the new puzzles? We might follow Turner and Jonas’s lead and invest in some Legos during quarantine.

Watch Jonas’s full interview with Cordon below.

Now, we have so many questions: Which Hogwarts classes would Jonas and Turner ace? Would either of them play Quidditch? We need answers. For now, we’ll mull these questions over while we build our own Lego sets. Thanks for the inspo, Joe and Sophie.

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