Spa Made Exclusively For Exhausted Parents Offers Childcare And Napping For Free

This is a question to all parents: when was the last time you really (really) relaxed? No, we’re not talking of the 20 minutes of relative quiet you got two days ago, when your toddler was watching Paw Patrol. What we mean is a real relaxation and a time for you to take care of yourself. We guess we know the answer. Well, this spa is coming to the rescue! It’s a spa made exclusively for exhausted parents, and we believe you will fall in love with it at first sight.

Spa Lé La (link ovde) is based in Los Angeles, and it looks like it’s the heaven on earth for every parent out there. They offer the regular spa services, of course, like facials, massages, hair removal, and they also have treatments especially made for pregnant and postpartum moms.

Trina Renea, the facialist and founder of Spa Lé La says that her spa is “a great place for moms and dads to get away and get self-care while we watch the little ones for free”. OK, sign me up!

That’s right, they offer childcare. The first kid is free, and the second costs only $6. A bargain of the century, am right? You can stay in the spa for two hours before you have to check in on your kids, but you can go right back to relaxing after the regular checkup.

Renea says that the nannies hired to take care of the children are Trustline and CPR certified, and they even offer a nap room.

So, for $40 you get 25 minutes of complete, sweet, sweet silence.

Another feature: you can spend an additional 30 minutes before or after any treatment, just chillin’ and doing whatever you want while your kids are in the childcare room.

When speaking about the parents who struggle to take some time for themselves, Renea says:

“You deserve a little self care during the day. It makes you a better, happier person and your child gets a better you. When you’re stressed during the day it’s better to go to Spa Lé La and take a break while your child plays in the other room. Then when you come back together you’re both happy. We want to take the guilt out of self care while parenting. It’s important to self care in order to be the best you for your family.”