Speechelo Honest Review

Is Speechelo the most effective text-to-speech software? What are the benefits and drawbacks of speechelo? Do you think Speechelo is worth $47? In this speechelo honest review, we will answer all of these questions.

In two words, speechelo is:

Speechelo is a new text-to-speech converter developed by the Blastersuit company. Its primary function is to transform any written text into a voiceover or speech.

Speechelo is a cloud-based solution, which means that everything is housed on their servers, and users don’t have to download or install anything.

You can use Speechelo on any platform, such as a desktop PC, an Apple device, or even your smartphone.

Speechelo Honest Review

Who this software is intended for:

If you’re a YouTuber, a marketer who wants to make product promotional videos, or a content creator that publishes videos (Sales Videos, Training Videos, Educational Videos, or even entertainment videos), then Speechelo is for you.

PS: I’ve seen many reviews and videos claiming that Speechelo is designed to help children improve their reading skills. While Speechelo may be useful for reading any written text correctly, there are many other programs designed specifically for children’s education. If you’re only interested in educating your child, you should look for a program designed specifically for this purpose.

Speechelo’s benefits and drawbacks are as follows:

Let’s start with the software’s advantages:

1- Speechelo is well-designed and its interface is well-organized, so you will have no trouble using it.

2-The conversion procedure is so simple that even a toddler can accomplish it, as evidenced by the following:

Speechelo Honest Review

3- The most critical element is that the voices seem clear and 100% human and natural.

4- There are over 30 human-sounding voices on the voices list.

5- This excellent app supports almost every language: Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh are among the languages supported.

6- You have complete control over your speech:

  • Male or female is the reader’s gender.
  • Tone, There are three different tones you can use: normal tone, pleasant tone, and serious tone.
  • Breathing and Pauses: After each phrase, add breathing sound and longer pauses.
  • Pitch and speed can be changed.

7- There are no restrictions on how many speeches you can make.

8- Blastersuit has designed a Special Offer with a One-Time Payment (no monthly costs) and a 53% DISCOUNT when you purchase speechelo from this link: www.speechelo.com.

They offer a 9-day, 60-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating that they are 100 percent confident in their product’s capacity to deliver on its promises.

10- You will receive comprehensive training, unrestricted support, and free updates!

11- Camtasia, iMovie, Premiere Pro, Audacity, and other video editing applications are all compatible.

Now let’s look into some of Speechelo’s drawbacks:

1-in the British English language, there is no female voice.

2- There aren’t a lot of young voices, which may upset authors who wish to make narration movies for kids with different characters.

3- The software only allows you to download audio recordings in MP3 format; I would prefer that additional formats, such as WAV MP4, Wav, AAC…, were available.

How can you use speechelo to your advantage:

Increasing the number of customers means increasing the number of sales:

A good voiceover will bring in more potential customers and help you close more sales. Having the ability to create voiceovers in a flash will also allow you to test different contents and find the best-performing one.

More views for your YouTube videos:

a good voiceover will captivate your audience and keep them engrossed until the finish! This will boost the amount of time people view your videos and help you improve your YouTube channel’s ranking.

More Youtube Subscribers and Instagram Followers:

If you publish appealing videos with a radio-like voice-over, Youtube will recommend your videos to new viewers, and you will surely gain more subscribers, and the same will be valid on Instagram.


What are the benefits of Speechelo?

To begin, consider the cost of hiring a voice-over professional on Fiverr:


Speechelo Honest Review

Yes! You will spend between $100 and $200 for a limited number of words, so if you post one YouTube video each week, you would pay more than $1500 every month. This is why most video creators who are unable to utilize their voices as voiceovers have turned to speechelo.

I believe that this is a fantastic idea; spending $47 for software that will supply you with infinite voiceovers in more than 24 languages with 100% human-sounding voices sounds like a good investment, don’t you?

Using speechelo can save you a lot of money and time because making a voice-over with it is a one-click operation. However, hiring a voice-over freelancer on the internet will take at least two business days.

Final Word

After using Speechelo for a month, I believe it is deserving of the title of finest text-to-speech software on the market. This program is quite inexpensive, and it has shown to be incredibly effective; my videos are receiving more views as a result of my higher-quality videos with a voiceover that may appeal to any YouTube user, which is precisely what I need to boost my channel.


Speechelo Honest Review

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