Spokesperson For Melania Trump Calls For Boycott Of Rapper TI Following Salacious Music Video – Here’s Why

In a new video featuring a Melania Trump-lookalike, released from the rapper, TI, a woman stands on the rapper’s desk while he sits in a chair in the Oval Office of the White House. The music video sparked condemnation from the First Lady of the United States’ team of representatives.

The woman is made out to look like an exotic dancer, who performs sexually suggestive moves before the rapper. TI’s new song also featured references to her scandal earlier in the year.

Melania Trump created controversy in the summer months when she wore a jacket with words on the back of it which stated, “I really don’t care, do you?”. The FLOTUS later described it as a way of fighting back against the media who constantly criticize her outfits.

Melania was visiting the migrant children in Texas after multiple publications revealed that Trump’s administration was putting kids in internment camps.

On Saturday, Stephania Grisham wrote on Twitter that the video was unacceptable and disgusting. At the end of her post, she added the hash-tag, “boycott T.I.” Additionally, TI, or Clifford Harris, had other bones to pick.


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He wrote on Friday, “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye,” referring to the rapper, Kanye West, who has come out in support of the controversial president.

In the past, TI has criticized the president vehemently, even telling his fans that if they like Trump, don’t buy his albums.

Moreover, TI explained that he was done supporting West for his recent actions, including his meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, as well as his speech on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

In a new interview with ABC News, Melania said she felt as if she was one of the most bullied people in the world. Trump explained that she created her “Be Best” initiative, as a way of educating kids on how to go about dealing with online harassment, and other forms of critique.