St. Jude Staff Has Little Patient Beaming With Adorable “No More Chemo” Party.

Hadley Gray may be little, but she is mighty.

The East Tennessee child has been battling acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) for months on end. Thanks to her strength, along with the excellent medical care she received at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, Hadley’s cancer is now in remission, and the doctors and nurses who cared for her couldn’t wait to celebrate.


The staff at St. Jude’s has a tradition for patients like Hadley, who have successfully completed chemotherapy and achieved remission. First, they gather in the hallway outside of the patient’s door, then they come in singing a special “No Mo’ Chemo” song that leaves all of their little fighters grinning from ear to ear!


In a video shared by Hadley’s mother, Brittany Gray, the child’s dad and grandfather were waiting in her room when the “No Mo’ Chemo Party” began. Proving it really does take a village to beat cancer, about 10 medical professionals enter the child’s room with a flurry of smiles, tears, and outright joy.


Our patients have the cutest
Our patients have the sweetest
Oh, we love to see you everyday,
But now’s the time we get to say,
‘Pack up your bags, get out the door,
You don’t need chemo anymore!’


At the end of the song, the smiling medical team showers the sweet little girl with sparkly confetti and hand her a bouquet of balloons. You can tell that the doctors and nurses must absolutely love doing this for their patients. Not only is it just plain kind and sweet, but it’s a beautiful way to mark an important and hard-won milestone.

Congratulations on achieving remission, Hadley! We’re so happy for you, and grateful that we got to share in this special moment.

Watch Hadley’s “No Mo’ Chemo” party below, and be sure to share this joyous experience to brighten someone else’s day too.

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Posted by Brittany Edgeworth Gray on Thursday, August 9, 2018