Hey, Canadian band Stars, are you OK?

The musical group Stars (not to be confused with celebrities or the TV channel) is tweeting strange takes and then seemingly walking the statements back as jokes. It’s a bit of a messy look. Something going on, guys?

The Canadian indie pop/rock band, which released its eighth album There Is No Love in Florescent Light in October 2017, posted some erratic tweets on Wednesday. The band said that Canada’s CTV News Channel had asked the members to go on live TV to talk about how musicians “don’t get paid anymore.”

“They want us to do it for free,” the tweet quipped. “Have a nice day.”

The irony of the statement isn’t lost, of course. The band seemed frustrated that it would be asked to make a TV appearance—for free—to speak on compensatory issues they have as musicians. But the comment wasn’t particularly well-received by fans and followers. Many stated that it is, in fact, “unethical” to pay individuals for interviews. Some inquired as to whether Stars had been invited to perform.

The Stars account then tweeted a string of responses dripping with sarcasm and seething frustration, seeming to backpedal and refer to the initial comment about CTV as a joke. Whichever of the six band members is running the account (in typical Twitter cool-kid lowercase fashion) seemed to be frustrated that no one got the “joke.”

“What Twitter really needs is a ‘semi ironic semi joke made in passing’ button,” the member wrote.

There was even this bizarre “apology” to those who didn’t get said “joke.”

The band has continued to tweet out bizarre, negative non-sequiturs about Twitter, the media industry, and other topics.

The tweets kept coming out at rapid fire and appear to be getting even more aggressive, especially with the account’s barb attacking writers who cover Drake and Kanye West.

People were offering support, too, since it seems like the band (or its tweeting member) is in a bit of a dark place. In the end, we have to ask: Hey, Stars, are you doing OK?