Taco Bell Is Testing Out New Spicy Rattlesnake And Reaper Nacho Fries

Back in January, Taco Bell rolled out a French fry/nacho mash-up to create the ultimate treat. Now it’s time to crank up the heat! The Mexican fast food chain is serving up spicier-than-ever-before Rattlesnake Nacho Fries and Reaper Ranch Nacho Fries in select markets. If you can handle the heat, you’re definitely going to want to give these a try.

To create their Rattlesnake Nacho Fries, Taco Bell is covering French fries in Mexican seasoning as a base, and then cranking up the heat by adding pickled jalapeños and a jalapeño cream sauce. The French fries are topped off with nacho cheese and steak. You can scarf these chips down as you would traditional nachos, or have the fries rolled up in the form of a burrito, too.

Courtesy Taco Bell

If you order the Reaper Ranch Nacho Fries, you’ll be greeted with quite a kick! This dish uses the Carolina reaper pepper to take the spiciness to the next level.

To create this intense treat, nacho fries are paired with a reaper pepper sauce. If you order the Supreme version, the fries will also be topped with a dollop of sour cream — to help you cool your mouth down, of course — and completed with seasoned beef, diced tomatoes and nacho cheese.

Courtesy Taco Bell

The Rattlesnake Nacho Fries or the burrito option are both $2.99 at Taco Bell. Meanwhile, the Reaper Ranch options are $1.29 or $2.49, depending on whether you add extra toppings.

Of course, there’s a catch — these are only test items at two participating locations. The Rattlesnake Nacho Fries and Rattlesnake Nacho Burrito are only available in Columbus, Ohio, from now through mid-September. Likewise, the Reaper Ranch Nacho Fries and Reaper Ranch burrito are available during the same time period but only in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you don’t happen to be in Ohio, it’s not all bad news! Taco Bell also announced that it is extending the length of time that their limited edition Nacho Fries will be available. You can order them nationwide through mid-September.

Courtesy Taco Bell

While the spicier versions of these nacho fries are only test items at the moment, there’s a chance that they could roll out to Taco Bell locations everywhere.

Clearly, fans of Taco Bell would welcome that. People on Twitter are practically begging Taco Bell to bring the menu items to their locations.

Twitter user @livekiller55 wrote, “Yall [sic] need to add Cleveland to the test area for the Rattlesnake Fries/Burritos PLEASE AND THANK YOU”:

Minnesota is also hoping to see the new menu items there soon, according to this tweet from @cities97radio:

Twitter user @ryanmetcalf is pleading that Taco Bell “cut the nonsense” and make these available to everyone:

Taco Bell, hear their pleas!

Here’s hoping that these spicy new dishes become available for everyone in the future. In the meantime, who’s ready to drive to Cincinnati?