These Tater Tot Cheeseburger Bites Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

Sliders are the perfect party food, but they can get a bit predictable. That’s why we are loving this recipe from Fab Everyday for tater tot mini cheeseburgers, which swaps the typical slider bun for crispy tater tots.

These tiny burgers are perfect for a potluck, or for a fun twist on cheeseburgers for little ones. These mini burgers are just the right size for mini hands, and they’re sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

To make Fab Everyday’s tater tot mini cheeseburgers, you will need a bag of frozen tater tots. Choose your favorite brand, or experiment with flavors like Ore Idea onion tater tots, Alexia sweet potato puffs or Ore Ida extra crispy tater tots if you want lots of crunch.

Fab Everyday


While you’re baking the tater tots in the oven (or your deep fryer or air fryer), prep the ground beef with seasonings like garlic powder, minced onion, salt and pepper. You might also want to add paprkia (or smoked paprika) for added heat, or brown sugar to give your sliders some sweetness and depth. It might sound odd to add brown sugar to hamburger meat, but don’t knock it before you try it! Don’t worry, your burgers won’t come out tasting sweet, just more flavorful. In fact, burger chain Fuddruckers uses dark brown sugar in their hamburger seasoning.

Top your burgers with your favorite condiments or tiny squares of American or cheddar cheese. If you love pickles, reach for tiny slider-sized pickles like Oh Snap! Dilly Bites. You can also top them with bacon. Just bake a pan of bacon in the oven and then break the strips into small pieces to lay atop your mini cheeseburgers. Pickled onions, grilled baby portobello mushrooms and guacamole are also yummy additions.

Lettuce, tomato and cheese burger toppings on white plate


Or, if you’re making these tater tot mini cheeseburgers for a party, consider laying out your toppings and condiments and create a mini slider bar for guests to customize their burgers to their own taste.