“Luke waited beautifully today,” for the royal couple, she continued. “And he even brought her flowers.”

Van Dartel said the school had been instructed that there would be “no touching” of the royals. But kids will be kids, and Luke went ahead and showed his affection, anyway.

“Prince Harry was completely gracious and so polite and realized what was happening — [Luke’s] infatuation with his beard,” Van Dartel said in an interview with a Sydney television station. “And we can only thank him for treating Luke with such respect.”

The interviewer also asked Luke who he likes better now: Prince Harry or Santa Claus. Hmm, they both have great beards. Well, good news: They’re equally popular to this little boy.

This is not the first time that a small child couldn’t keep his hands to himself around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Over the summer on a visit to Ireland, a 3-year-old boy pulled on Markle’s hair and got a playful scolding from the prince for it.

But considering how well these two interact with children, we’re willing to bet they don’t mind all the hands-on attention!