This College Student Says He Rode E.T. Adventure 56 Times In One Day At Universal Studios

Most visitors to Universal Studios Orlando try to pack in as many different rides and attractions as they can while at the theme park. But when Miami college student John Porto visited on July 20, he had one goal in mind: to ride the E.T. Adventure as many times as possible. Over a period of about eight hours, Porto rode the movie-themed ride that has been at Universal Studios since it first opened in 1990 a whopping 56 times.

Despite continuous rides, Porto says he never tired of the experience. He also claims that he has broken a record for riding the E.T. Adventure the most times in one day, but that has not been confirmed by the theme park. Porto set out to ride E.T. Adventure 30 times to beat the previous record of 25 times in one day, and he ended up far exceeding his original goal. He posted a vlog about his epic day on YouTube, and he does seem to be having a pretty great time:


“Out of the 56 times, I never got bored. I would have a smile on my face,” Porto told Orlando Sentinel.

Porto kept track of his rides via a tally system on a piece of paper, and Universal employees can be seen encouraging him throughout his mission.

The classic ride is a must for any fan of the hit 1982 film, and it even features original music from the movie’s composer, John Williams, as well as pre-ride narration by director Steven Spielberg, who also serves as an exclusive creative consultant for Universal. E.T. Adventure allows riders to experience the sensation of riding a flying bicycle across the sky, just as E.T. and Elliott do in the movie. At the end of the ride, E.T. personally thanks each rider by name.

Is there a theme park ride you love enough to ride more than 50 times in one day?