This Library Is Loaning Out Ties And Other Accessories For Job Interviews

Dressing for a job interview is not easy for everyone. But if you find yourself without appropriate duds after landing that interview, the New York Public Library is here to help.

Their Grow Up Work Fashion Library program makes available ties, bow ties, briefcases and purses for those in need. If you have low fines on your library card, you can borrow an item for a three-week period just to ensure you’re dressed your best for the next step in your career.

Here’s a look at the tie options they have on-hand:

New York Public Library

They’ve also got a variety of briefcases:

New York Public Library

Handbags are available for women, as well:

New York Public Library

Even if you’re not interviewing for a job, the service is available for all of life’s important occasions, including weddings, graduations and more. To access this stash of accessories, just visit the Riverside Library at 127 Amsterdam Avenue and 65th Street.

The New York Public Library isn’t the only business offering services that make it easier for you to dress the part. Columbia University also offers a range of clothing options for students looking to interview for jobs, and Career Gear not only offers clothing, but will also train men in the New York area so that they’re prepared to nail their next job interview.

If you don’t happen to be in the New York area, there are other resources you can turn to. For instance, the Paschalville Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia also has a “tie-brary” for those looking to take the next step in their career.

Dress For Success is another great option for women looking to spiff up their wardrobes come interview time. This particular service is available in 150 cities and 30 countries.

If you need to dress nicely without breaking the bank, there are options available to you. With services like these at your disposal, there’s no stopping you now!