This Mom’s Hilarious Video Of Getting Trapped In Her Spanx Is So Relatable

Our guess is that most of us have huffed, puffed, sweated, squeezed, and prayed our way into a pair of shapewear at some point. This hilarious video that went absolutely viral is the perfect cup of tea for every woman out there, simply because we’ve all been where she’s at while trying on shapewear.

Laura, the mom blogger behind Knee Deep In Life explains in the video that she’s ordered some tummy-sucking shapewear that was advertised she’s going to have the “stomach of Jennifer Lopez”.

It all goes about as smoothly as one might imagine, and if you’ve ever worn a pair of too-small Spanx, you don’t have to imagine at all.

When you believe you’ve just stumbled across the future, but actually all you’ve done is given yourself hemroids from straining so hard to get the fucker off. I shit you not, sweat pouring. My poor vagina bellybutton.Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. ITS A LIE.FUCK YOU EBAY.This video is being represented by LADbible Group. To use or license this video please email

Posted by Knee Deep In Life on Saturday, September 15, 2018

Laura ordered the Spanx smaller than her normal size, because she’d heard that “the smaller the better”. In theory, one would think that it makes sense, but anyone who has tried it will tell you that too-tight girdles are a literal nightmare of epic proportions.

She proves that by saying “It’s the size of my thigh” as she’s sliding the Spanx up her leg.

She gasps “I’m out of breath” after yanking up the Spanx, and than exlaims: “S*!t, I’ve ripped it!”. Undergarment wise, it’s about the most humbling thing that can occur in a woman’s life.

The best part is when she finally shifts the Spanx up around her waist, and it rolls like a fruit roll-up around her waist.

Laura literally moans in pain, and she says that she’s pretty sure she “damager her internal organs”. She finally admits defeat to the Spanx.
The video is absolutely hilarious, and the entire internet seems to agree: