This New Radio Station Promises To Calm Your Cat

Cat lovers, your car rides are about to get a lot more peaceful.

Taking a cat to the veterinarian is hard. They will claw and bite and cry the entire time. But one radio station claims to have the solution. Cat Calm Radio, which is sponsored by the cat food company Whiskas, says the key to calming your kitty is playing the right tunes.

The new radio station now has its own website that streams the music, because Spotify doesn’t have a “My passenger is an angry cat” playlist that I’m aware of.

The composer of the music is David Teie, a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra who consulted scientists in creating “Music for Cats.”

“All the music we hear is designed for humans, based on our vocalizations and development,” Teie told Little Black Book. “Based on that understanding of composition, it only makes sense that if you use the same recipe used in human music but use ingredients that have been tailored to another species, you can create effective music for that species.”

As it turns out, that does not involve playing “Cat Scratch Fever,” or “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” or music by Cat Stevens and the “Cat Rapper,” or even the soundtrack from “Cats.” Unlike dogs, which apparently do respond well to human music, Teie instead uses sounds similar to the chirping of birds or the purring and suckling of other cats.

You can take a listen and stream the music for yourself at But at least one New York Times writer says her cat appeared to calm down while listening to it, so it might be worth a try. As for humans, well, it calmed down at least one.

“I’m a little concerned I am part cat,” wrote Twitter user @lindsayrae105.

For me, personally, the constant purring sounded a little too much like static for it to be relaxing. But then again, I’m not the one going to get a thermometer shoved up… you know.

[h/t: Mental Floss]