This Photo Of A Mom With Her Two Daughters Drove People Crazy Trying To Guess Which One Is The Mother

When Kylan Mahomes posted this picture of her twin sister and her mom on the social media, she had absolutely no idea that it will drive people crazy trying to guess which one of them is the mom. Even after 20,000+ retweets, people still can’t figure it out. Can you?

Most of the commenters guessed that the mother was the lady in the middle, because they thought the other two MUST be twin sisters.

However, others took a more logical approach, thinking that no mother would sit in the back seat of the car, so it HAD to be the one on the left.

A little hint: Mahomes captioned the photo with:
“Mom, twin & me.”

OK, you probably guessed it already: the mom is the lady on the left, and the others are the twin sisters.